Hollywood Undead

Might of found a new artist I like. Sounds kind of like rap. Think I'll buy the Day Of The Dead (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] album.

Google isn't making any money from streaming music to me for free. I'm not even buying music from Google when I find something I like, I use Amazon.

Amazon Music program is slow, still hasn't downloaded the music I just bought. Closed the program and reopened it, downloading now.

That was a dumb purchase, I have money in my Google Play account from purchasing the SHIELD, might of been able to buy the album with that money.

This doesn't sound like rock, maybe some parts do. Looks like I need more semi rap music.

Might not need to build a new computer next year

Windows 10 is fast, and that's in a virtual machine with only one core and 2 GB of RAM. Wonder how fast it is not in a virtual machine. If I get my license, I can buy a car next year instead.

Windows 10 install fast to a SSD

Installing Windows 10 in VMware Player. It looks like it defaulted to storing the HD images to my SSD. Faster then installing Windows 7. VMware Player doesn't list Windows 10 when creating the virtual machine, I selected Windows 8.

I also only gave it one core and 2 GB of memory.

My Sandisk SSD might be faster then my OCZ SSD. Wasn't the cheapest OCZ either.

Be warned, Windows 10 might give you an erection. The included IE is fast and looks better. But I'll install Chrome anyways.

You can get Windows 10 for free

I think I'm already part of the insider program, I downloaded a preview sometime ago. That would save me 120 bucks when building my new computer next year. Not sure what engadget said is true, they said if you signup for the preview updates, it'll stay free, but stuff I found on Google don't say that. Just says you'll get the final build.

It'll take an hour to download the latest preview.

So I can make five hundred Microsoft accounts, and get the final build for free 500 times?

Download is almost done, and it took longer then an hour. Chrome is a liar.

MOD Pizza is good

Had MOD Pizza for the first time today. It was good, my new favorite pizza place, you get your own personal pizza with whatever you want on it. No sharing, four big slices for the medium size.

Grandma ordered a mini size for my grandpa, but they gave us the bigger size. Was wondering why all the boxes were the same size. So maybe next time order all mini ones, and hope we get lucky again.

Fallout 4 comes out for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 10th on Amazon

Why does the PC version come out five days after the PS4 and Xbox One version on Amazon? Better off pre ordering from somewhere else. Will Best Buy or GemStop have the PC version at their store on the 10th? I don't want to download it. Don't even have broadband.

NVIDIA might be releasing new video cards next year

According to a comment by somebody on a forum. Wikipedia might say something about it too.

Will probably get a new video card next year when I build a new computer. Somebody will be getting a nice desktop, my old one, they will just need to buy a hard drive.

Can't login to NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

According to a comment on this post, there's a problem with their server. They sure are taking their time at fixing it.

There's a post here that says the new version should fix it. Well the closing problem.

Yup logging in works now. Should probably update the driver.

6 mbps internet isn't broadband

Looks like the FCC increased the minimum speed to 25 mbps to be considered broadband. You can find the post on engadget.com. Will the FCC make Comcast change their advertising? Or did Comcast already change it? They might be able to say "high speed", just not broadband.

Guess it doesn't matter if you use the latest NVIDIA driver

Logging in with Google doesn't work with the old version either. I made a backup last night, so I can install the latest driver again.

I might have to make a new account to use the streaming to my SHIELD. I'll have to use a different email. If the regular login doesn't work, then I'll be waiting for NVIDIA to fix it. With gmail you can use an alias, your.email+nvidia@gmail.com.

Looks like the update was just for GeForce Experience. That means I don't have to update the driver to use GeForce Experience.

Made an account, but it won't login. Doesn't crash, just won't login. Maybe it doesn't like the + in my email. Bohoo no playing games on my TV from my SHIELD. Might be time to turn PS4 on and update it, and then play Destiny.

Windows works finally

Can't seem to open GeForce Experience without updating it. I'm not installing the latest NVIDIA driver. I already learned my lesson. Got it to open, deleted the update files in the Update folder under C:ProgramDataNVIDIA CorporationGeForce Experience.

Sweet, get an error, same error as before. Says encountered an error and must close.

I'm guessing I still can't stream games using my SHIELD. Oh well.

Uninstalled GeForce Experience, and found a download of the same version I had here.

Old version can't login either, encountered and error and must close.

Maybe I should buy two 1 TB drives

One for /home drive, and the other for a backup of my Windows backup drive. Won't have a free SATA port if I do that.

You can cook fish in a rice cooker

Looks like you can cook rice first, and then cook the fish. Once almost all the water is gone, you add the fish. I like the frozen fish from Costco. Mom made some in her pressure cooker. The instructions said 3 minutes, took a total of 13 minutes. The fish was better this time then the last time, and I said that the last time too. Fish gets better each time she cooks it.


Todo Backup works

It's been restoring my backup for over twenty minutes. Typing on my phone, probably should of kept hackintosh on. Looks like the WinPe stiff was corrupted. Just have to remember not to use flash drive for anything else. So next time I need to restore my backup I can.

Didn't have to load my USB 3.0 driver to see my 3.0 drives. In Todo Backup that is. Had to install the driver in windows. And the restore is complete.

Downloading gparted live. Should of just restored the whole drive. Windows disk says it isn't compatible with my version of Windows. I restored the 100 MB partition, but couldn't restore to the existing 100 MB partition on my SSD, said the target wasn't big enough. So now I have to use gparted to delete the first partition and resize the other one to 100 MB.

Got to love having a slow connection.

Going to restore the entire drive. I'm sure I'll have to boot the Windows disk to fix it so it can boot. Don't have a backup recent enough to have that fixed already.

NVIDIA emailed me back

Using hackintosh, reinstalling Windows on desktop. Basically NVIDIA said they are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it. I'll wait for them to tell me it works before upgrading. And I'll make sure I have a working backup/restore method.

I'm pretty sure Todo Backup use to work. Maybe my Sandisk SSD is going bad and is corrupting stuff. I read Sandisk has good support, so it'd probably be easy to get a replacement if that's the problem.

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer Care.

This is Saleem, assisting you in troubleshooting the issue you are experiencing. From the issue description, I understand that you are experiencing issues with geforce experience.

We are aware of this issue and our backend team is working on this on priority to get this fixed as soon as possible.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this, and we will keep you informed as soon as possible

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to your reply.

They should put a warning on their site saying not to remove NVIDIA and reinstall it, you'll screw up your system.

Now let's see if I can screw hackintosh up too. There's some updates, I'll install them.

You know what would be funny? If I installed Windows to the wrong drive. Wouldn't surprise me if I did.

Uninstalling NVIDIA will cause a ton of problems

Pre OS doesn't work either, it says the same error, so somehow stuff got corrupt. Let's see if I can restore Windows while in Windows. I can't boot the linux recovery disk, which might only do cloning according to their site, so that won't work anyways.

It'll reboot into Pre OS which doesn't work. Downloading Todo Backup Workstation, maybe reinstalling it will fix it.

Maybe the new NVIDIA driver came with a virus. Going to burn the ISO to a DVD too for Todo Backup. Might end up reinstalling.

Going to downgrade to 8.0, 8.3 is the latest version. If that doesn't work, I can try downgrading to 7.0.

8.0 installer says I need to reboot, I did reboot. Won't install cause it thinks I didn't reboot. 7.0 is installing, if it doesn't let me restore my backup, I guess I'm out of luck. Could of screwed Windows up by running the registry cleaner in crap cleaner.

I had to reboot into safe mode to delete the folder. And it's installing 6.0, don't know where the 7.0 file is.

Sweet I have a upgrade file to 7.0.

8.0 appears to be installing, used the removal tool from their site.

Should of made a backup before installing the new NVIDIA driver

Think I'll restore my backup from the 13th. That should fix NVIDIA.

I made a linux recovery disk for Todo Backup. Does it let me restore backups, or do I need the WinPE disk?

Linux disk didn't boot. Taking a long time to make a WinPE disk.

And WinPE got an error when trying to boot. Probably my Lexar flash drive. I thought it would work if I used it in a USB 2.0 port. The drive was on sale. Putting WinPE on a different flash drive now.

Windows is screwed up, being slow. Network icon is different looking, then says there's no network, then changes to the regular icon. Makes opening certain stuff take a long time.

Not the flash drive. It's creating a broken WinPE disk. I'll enable pre OS in Todo Backup. If that doesn't work, I can't restore my backup.