Should of kept the MacBook Pro I had

It was from 2011, but it was a nice laptop. I paid over a grand for it. That’s probably what I should do, just wait and buy a new MacBook of some sort.

I don’t really care what OS is on a laptop. I switched to Windows on my desktop for games, and to stream games to the SHIELD. To lazy to reboot all the time. So linux lives in a virtual machine now.

The LG G3 is nice when it's fast

Apparently changing the CPU governor made it fast. It’s a good phone, but the interactive CPU governor is broken. Is the default CPU governor on the G4 broken too? Not much new on the G4, not worth upgrading to.

T-Mobile isn’t fast on the south hill at my grandma’s.

My AMD 6300 is faster then the AMD A10-8700P

At least the 1.6 GHz one. You can get a 1.8 GHz A10-8700P laptop for 399.99 at Office Depot. But only one memory slot kills the deal. No dual channel memory with only one stick.

Maybe I’ll go to Office Depot and see if they have one on display. Then I can see how slow it is.

Might buy the HP laptop anyways. Doesn’t need to be faster then my desktop, the single core score is almost the same on Geekbench. I need a laptop to put in my camera backpack, it can hold a 15" laptop. Crap just looked my backpack up, 15.4" only, not 15.6". It might fit.

Yes I make rational decisions, buy a laptop because my new camera backpack can hold one. There’s nothing irrational about that. I’ll have over 200 bucks left if I buy it, after all my bills. And that’s with tax. Not sure how much after I buy more toilet paper.

The i3-5010U might score slightly better. Same price. Probably has two memory slots, it has 6 GB of RAM, same price as the AMD laptop at Office Depot. The i3-5010U laptop is at Best Buy.

There’s a Ubuntu user guide, where can I buy the Ubuntu version? And it might not be the same laptop, doesn’t list a 6 GB RAM module in the service guide. It would be two sticks, 4 GB + 2 GB.

The Intel laptop would be better for linux. The AMD video driver isn’t very good for new hardware. It might work, but don’t expect to play any games. I might try booting linux and see if most of the hardware is supported. Don’t need the touch screen to be supported on the Intel laptop. But I’m not an Intel fan boy. Probably buy the AMD one. No sales people bother me at Office Depot. Best Buy sucks for buying stuff. They will try to sell me one I can’t afford. Maybe go there and say “Ok I’ll come back in a month or two.”.

Didn't think it was over a hundred degrees outside

Took Tonka around the back of the building, when we got back to the door, she was lifting her feet up like the pavement is to hot. No wonder people were warning me sometime ago. Next time she’s going in the yard.

Is an i5 faster then my AMD 6300?

Should be. Can’t afford an i7, that’s $340 for just one part. Maybe I should get an i3, and then replace it in a couple months with an i7. Almost 500 bucks for case, memory, motherboard, and CPU. I’d have to use the power supply I have. Already plan on using all my hard drives, and my video card. And the blu-ray drive.

Ahh crap, I might need to buy Windows too. I’m not calling them. I forgot the water cooler. But that could wait for the i7.

Intel Celeron is even cheaper, games will probably run pretty shitty though.

Think I’ll buy absolutely nothing.

Maybe that's what I'll buy

Parts for a new computer. Not until next month at the earliest. Have to see if any new Intel CPUs come out next month.

According to this, as soon as next week new Intel CPUs will be out. Boohoo probably not enough money to assemble one this month. I want to keep money in the bank, for toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

Will there be Skylake laptop processors? Pretty sure there will be. I only need an i3 on a laptop.

Based on the comments, people aren’t impressed with the performance. So buy a cheap windows laptop, or wait for Skylake. Or build a Intel desktop.

Just enabled pictures on that article. I’ll pass. Just go with whatever is out already.

Need to complain to the FCC about Comcast

Tell them I can’t upload and do anything else on the internet at the same time, unless I limit my upload. And they also charge me 50 bucks a month for a shitty connection. It might be worth ten bucks a month, not 50.

If you save around 200 bucks

You’ll have almost a full check to spend after you pay your rent and other bills. Don’t want anything, so I won’t be spending very much money. A real doll would be nice, but that’ll cost you a lot of money.

Not buying anything tomorrow

Payday is tomorrow. I’ll be saving my money. To early to buy anything, new Intel CPUs are coming out soon. Don’t need a tablet, I won’t use it, and then I’ll sell it for a loss.

Serval WS

If only I had over 2k, I could buy that laptop from System76. It has a desktop CPU. Mobile GPU though. Probably wouldn’t play games on it, I like overkill everything. Over 2k, cause I would need a PCI Express SSD, and a 1 TB drive, and more RAM. If you only get 8 GB of RAM, it’s only one stick. I made the mistake of only getting one 4 GB stick for my hackintosh, and it was slow. Added another stick and it’s fast now. Better wifi needed too, in case I use it somewhere else, I can run an ethernet cable to my couch.


Just buy a MacBook of some sort. Yeah the GPU and CPU suck compared to that, but slightly cheaper, depending on which one you get. But if you plan on spending over 2k, get the Serval WS.

No they won’t send me a review laptop. I’m not a good writer, and I’m to busy reviewing porn.

Maybe I’ll buy the Lemur in September. Cheaper and I don’t need to play games on a laptop. Just porn viewing while I’m sitting on the Jonny. Only problem is, I don’t like the stock specs, so it’ll be more then 599. Maybe not, it only has an i3. And it’s around 800 bucks for the upgrades. One of the MacBooks starts at 899. Yeah the screen is smaller. But who cares, you don’t need a 20 inch screen for watching porn. Maybe a 20 inch cock.

Hmm maybe they will send me a laptop if I delete this post and agree to never mention them again on any of my domains.

Good idea, buy nothing

Keep saving it until the new storage can’t remember what it’s called comes out. Then buy a laptop with it. Or save up over 2k, and not get any money anymore, instead I’ll owe them money. Good luck collecting money from somebody who spent it all on an iMac or a used real doll.

Got a camera backpack

I gave my mom fifty dollars, she paid the rest, it was around 70 bucks. It’s probably overkill for me. But if I get anymore film lens, I should have somewhere to put them. Only problem is the bottom lens spots aren’t really accessible. If you take the padding out maybe.

Looks like I forgot to give her fifty bucks, the cash is still in my wallet.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is available for linux

According to, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is available for linux now. I don’t use linux for playing games, but I might buy the game to support them for releasing it for linux. Oh wait, they might not get the money if I buy it in Windows.

Has controller support on the SHIELD too.

It’s 25 bucks, and another ten bucks for the Game of The Year upgrade. On Steam that is.

Update Won’t be buying the download, it’s 67 GB, that’ll probably take a week or longer to download on my slow ass connection.

You can learn to make iOS apps for 24 bucks

According to Don’t have any iOS devices, or a mac. Hackintosh might work to make it, but Apple might ban me for using a hackintosh. You could probably figure out how to make a spinning dick for $0. Charge a dollar for the spinning dick app. Apple might ban you for that too though.

And if you read the comments, there’s a code to get it for 10 bucks.

Text is easier to read in Windows 10

Looks like Windows finally caught up to OS X’s font. Could of been better in Windows 8, but I would of had to pay to get that.

That’s good news, my monitor isn’t the problem.

Let's see if The Elder Scrolls Online lags as much in Windows 10

Looks like it finished downloading/applying patches. I was outside for a while, so I don’t know when it finished.

I may never know, it’s taking a long time to load the character selection screen. Nice as I wrote this it loaded.

Nice no lag yet. Should be able to tell right away, before it would have a little lag when walking. Either something was wrong with Windows 7, or one of the patches got rid of the lag. I never reported the problem to them.

Also my eyes feel funny. They need to add controller support, so I can play on my TV. Monitor is to close, need a longer desk.

And I finally got some lag. Still less then before.

And the game crashed.

Don't log in to a Microsoft account in Windows 10

It’ll convert your account to a non local account. So you’ll have to login with your random password. Luckily I saw that it did that before logging out. It asked me to verify it was my account. And I saw in the account the name was my email. It’ll show your username in the start menu too.

Tonka might get herself evicted

Some lady got a new dog. The dog she had before attacked Tonka like three times. That dog attacked the old night managers dog, she either had to get rid of the dog, or get evicted. When Tonka sees her new little dog, she completely freaks out. I was in the yard once, she went inside, and Tonka was still barking. She pulls and jumps up in the air trying to charge at them.

I won’t keep a dog that attacks other dogs. Probably my fault somehow.

Android security flaw

According to, there’s a new security flaw in android. Since I can’t update my phone, it’s rooted, and LG doesn’t care about the G3 anymore. I’d have to somehow unroot, and then wait to see if LG ever releases an update. I’d rather buy a new phone.

I would advise against watching porn on your phone. So you’ll need to take your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and desktop to the bathroom with you. I forgot, you’ll need a long ethernet cable too.