Could buy more RAM

Amazon lowered the price to $99.99, slightly cheaper then it was some days ago. The Panasonic 60x optical zoom camera is still $227.99. I already have a lens coming, not 60x optical zoom. Probably don’t need very much zoom anyways.

Why are my hands itchy, dry, and bloody?

I don’t wash my hands with hot water anymore. Looks like that doesn’t make a difference. The lotion stuff I got from the doctor is all dried out or something, doesn’t do much when you put it on. Pretty sure it was greasy before. Could email the doctor and ask for more. I think I’ll wait until there’s a huge opening on my hand from scratching it.

Don’t know how to spell the name of the lotion stuff anyways.

Looks like regular lotion works too.

Can't walk Tonka

To damn hot. Her feet will get burned on the asphalt. Should get her some boots, probably still wouldn’t walk her, she’d be to hot. But at least I wouldn’t have to take her in the yard.