Disabled Windows firewall

The Windows 10 upgrade failed to install again. That’s a total of three times it failed to install. Might need an outgoing connection to install. Could put the firewall on low filtering. Oh yeah, my antivirus could be screwing it up too.

Turned firewall back on. Looks like everyone’s Windows 10 upgrade is failing. Really I have to wait until the 29th?

What happens if I double click the setup file in $Windows.~BT? According to a forum they heard that it’ll delete the files if you do that. So copy the files to an external drive first.

They lied, it doesn’t delete it. Says it can’t find the boot.wim file.

Yup Windows downloaded Windows 10

It failed at installing Windows 10 Pro. How do I try installing it again?

Code 80240020 is the error code.

Comment on that error, says to be patient. But I want my Windows 10 Pro upgrade at 5 pm. Before the 29th.

Maybe Microsoft knows my computer is slow and will take until 12 am to prepare the update. I think it finished downloading around 3 pm.

The thing that goes on the shutdown icon when there’s updates was on it, should of clicked it, might of installed instead of failing. Now I get to wait.

Maybe if I restart it’ll install. Changing the date to the 29th didn’t make it install. Boohoo.

And the thing went over shutdown icon again, clicked it. Was installing updates. It turned off, turned on, still no Windows 10. It looks like a bunch of updates failed.

Does it need internet access to upgrade? Cause the firewall might be blocking it. And it just installed more updates. Got to reboot again.

Windows is downloading updates

Looked in Windows update, said I could install updates. Didn’t tell me what it’s downloading. Somewhat of a slow download, but it’s a day early to be downloading Windows 10. And also the insiders get the release version first. I’m not running a Windows 10 preview version. Maybe they know I have an insider account. I think the get Windows 10 thing asked for my email.

So Microsoft doesn’t check if you actually tested Windows 10? So make a insider account, it’s free, then reserve the Windows 10 update.

Making a backup, in case it’s the Windows 10 update.

I only tested the preview build once, in VMware Player. Then I deleted the virtual machine. What am I supposed to do with a virtual machine of Windows? Look at porn?

Must of been downloading all the optional updates. There’s only two important ones and one isn’t checked. None of the optional updates are checked.

Nope didn’t download Windows 10 yet. Probably will take longer.

Tried installing the updates in Windows Update, but said it is installing other updates. There’s no icon in the system tray. Maybe the NSA is installing spyware to my computer.

Should get the new Moto X, so I can get android updates

Don’t think LG is releasing any new android versions for the G3. Basically the worst/stupidest phone buy. Motorola will give you updates longer most likely, and there won’t be any crap apps on it.

I might be able to get 200 bucks for my LG G3. It has a 60 dollar case + battery.

But I might buy the ASUS tablet instead, a hundred dollars cheaper, and a bigger screen. Depending on how much money I have left after paying all my bills and buying toilet paper, I might have enough for the Moto X in September, if not the following month. If it doesn’t come out till the end of September, then I don’t have to wait that long, unless of course it sells out.

The NVIDIA Tegra X1 is almost as good as an Intel Core i3?

It is according to phoronix.com. Apparently Ubuntu can be installed on a NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. But I don’t think you will get good video performance. So there wouldn’t be much point.

Power wise it might be better then the i3.

Intel might finally have a competitor. AMD is taking a long ass time to release new processors, which will probably still be slower then Intel. AMD is good for cheap people like me.

Moto X Pure Edition

Might save my money until that comes out. Doesn’t come out till the fall. Might work with Verizon and Sprint without having to buy a CDMA version. That might help the resale value when I buy a new phone in twenty years. When is the fall? September 23rd according to Google. I’d get the cheapest one. Starts at $399.

Only problem is the screen is slightly bigger then my LG G3. No idea if it’ll fit in my pocket. No worries, I’ll get a fanny pack.

Don't need my phone anymore

Looks like I have five all day bus passes coming. How long will five day passes last? Not that much cheaper then a reduced fair pass. Can’t go to the store only once a month, I use a lot of toilet paper. Couldn’t carry a months worth of toilet paper and other stuff.

Replace my LG G3 with the new Moto G?

It’s $219 for the 2 GB of RAM version, and 16 GB of internal space. Almost stock android, so you don’t have to root and freeze the crap apps. It has a micro SD slot, I already have a 32 GB micro SD card. I barely use any apps, so I’ll have lots of free space.

The new Moto X Style won’t be available until September. And the Moto X Play, won’t be available in the US.

Think I’ll pass. I like my giant battery + case.

The back cover might be removable, so ZeroLemon might be able to make a giant battery + case for it.

Maybe my neighbor Jack will give me two hundred bucks for my LG G3. He might want his money back though.

Not enough gold in the bank to get the 2 GB of RAM Moto G with a case. I can get just the phone.

Based on the benchmark of the CPU, the single core score is less then my LG G3. Don’t care about the multi core score. It would be a downgrade. But you get to select the colors of your phone if you buy from Motorola.

My phone might be lying about the Geekbench score, it could be throttling when you aren’t using a benchmark program.

AC is basically a fan now

Good thing the heat doesn’t bother me that much. If it did, I’d have to go to the office. Don’t know why they couldn’t fix it or replace it last summer. The repair guy said something needed to be replaced, but instead they did a half ass fixed, so it sort of worked for a while. Last I looked it was 78 in my apartment. That’s as low as it can get it now. I thought it was because I had a window open, window was closed all night, still 78. It’s set for 68.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for under 500 bucks

The 5 should be coming out soon though. Wait until the 5 comes out and get the 4. Spec wise it isn’t that much better then the phone I have. But you can get a ZeroLemon case for it. I will only buy phones that I can get a giant battery + case for. Will the Note 5’s battery be removable? Or will they include a giant battery?

Buy the AT&T one, it’s slightly cheaper, unlocked too. AT&T branded but unlocked. Might do 4G on T-Mobile, my AT&T LG G3 does.

Based on the feedback, I’ll pass on buying the AT&T version. Probably pass on buying any phone on eBay.

bitleechers.me is no more

Looks like it’s still down. Their Facebook said it’s under “maintenance”. That was a day or two ago. Didn’t look at their Facebook page today. Glad I didn’t donate. Looks like I’ll have to use The Pirate Bay now. Might be public, but I don’t download directly, justseed.it will be getting sued.

Can't buy the OnePlus 2

It’ll require an invitation. Oh well, I’ll see what Motorola releases tomorrow.

Not buying a backpack for my camera

Don’t care about taking pictures. Should probably sell all my camera stuff. Only problem is, I’d have to use craigslist. Not using eBay, not worth the fees.

Chrome is retarded

Thinks it didn’t shut down correctly every time I open it. Guess it can’t tell the difference from closing it yourself. Should uninstall it and use Firefox. I can probably upload stuff to WordPress with Firefox. I’m not paying for a SSL certificate.

Looks like Firefox works. If you import data from Chrome, it’ll make Firefox slow. Might be done being slow.

Now I need to install Firefox on my phone.

New Motorola phones tomorrow

Motorola should be announcing new phones tomorrow, a new Moto G, and probably a new Moto X. Will they keep selling the old Moto X? They already lowered the price. Lower it to 200 bucks, and I might buy it.

If the new Moto X is a modular phone, it’ll be time for a new phone.

Motorola rocks for making the Moto G. It use to be the best phone for 200 bucks. Still might be, they keep releasing new ones. You can get an ASUS phone for 200 bucks now too.

Why did I switch to direct depositing?

I have to call social security to change my bank. And then I have to keep the old bank account open for a while. One place will call social security for you, I think you just have to give them permission to talk to the bank, then they can tell them the numbers and everything. Just found out about another good bank, or at least they like them.

Where did the blue dot on my E-PM2 go?

Took the B+W 46mm Clear UV Haze with Multi-Resistant Coating off and turned camera on. Didn’t see blue dot, put filter back on, and the dot still isn’t there.

Did the pixel mapping thing in utilities in the menu. Usually if you have the lens cap on, you can see the blue dot, got a black screen this time. No blue dot. Now I need to retake the pictures I took. Tonka isn’t on my bed though.

I use an adapter on my 17mm lens to use the B+W 46mm filter. To cheap to buy another filter. I bought it for my Sigma 30mm, must use 46mm filters.

Tiffen filters don’t appear to change the picture quality, if I knew the filter size for my 17mm I could buy one. But why bother? You can only use one lens at a time.

Don't buy a new camera if you have an Olympus E-PM2 or better

Learn to use it instead. There’s books, and classes. Or try changing various settings until it looks better. Apparently auto ISO on the E-PM2 sucks. Usually you get really good pictures with a flash, but not with auto ISO on a E-PM2. Could be the lens too, my Sigma 30mm seemed to be fine on auto ISO.

That means almost any DSLR. The Canon 20D is good too.

And my camera might be broken. Some of my pictures have a blue dot in them. Shows for a second in the RAW pictures then disappears. The JPGs have a permanent blue dot. You can see it on the screen too. I think it’s the lens.