I need to find a portal

The Antarctica might have portals. One guy claimed there was a civilization somewhere in the Antarctica. The US government told him to stop talking. What’s under the Antarctica? We will know soon after it melts.

There might be a earth inside our earth. Apparently nobody has dug through the entire earth yet. Funny we know more about the moon then our own planet. They might of been talking about Agartha. You might go to Agartha when you die. Wikipedia says something about Christianity. Looks like I found a new religion.

That would explain how Jesus rose from the dead. He was underground. Can I rise from the dead when I die? I’ll be to busy running around in a circle.

20% off Dorco USA order

Use this link. I ordered some cartridges from them a long time ago. Still have a ton left. Also ordered a handle, turns out it is the exact same one as Dollar Shave Club, so I didn’t need it. I could give my old handle to somebody, then they only need to purchase cartridges.

You can start shows over on Sling TV

At least on the History and H2 channel you can. Once the show is over, you can’t fast forward through the commercials anymore though. But it looks like it lets you watch the rest of it.

Sweet, you can watch any show that aired on the History channel. I opened it and clicked the show I watched at my mom’s, and clicked watch, and it started playing. Could of came home earlier if I knew that. Probably won’t let you watch tomorrows shows yet though, probably only the day it is. Can’t watch shows in the future. Sweet I can watch shows that were on yesterday.

I need to learn ruby on rails

Then ditch WordPress on this blog. Should make it harder to hack. Importing these posts into it would probably be the hardest part.

That won’t work, don’t think my host supports ruby on rails. Nothing in cPanel about it. Probably because they use the LiteSpeed Web Server. To lazy to switch hosts.

What is Ghost written in? Written in Node.js.

Gods might of been aliens

At least three of the Viking gods. They just assumed they were gods because they had better tech. How many Viking gods is there? A lot more then three.

The Chinese talked about gods riding flying dragons, but it could of been something else, they didn’t have a word for it. They can’t draw what they saw? I can’t.

So what happens when you die? Gone for good I guess. Boohoo.

Calling gods aliens might get your blog hacked. No proof that they are or aren’t. Free speech doesn’t exist on the internet though. If they can’t hack it, they’ll do a denial of service attack. Possibly more offensive posts on all.panhandlersonline.com.

You can root the latest Moto G

That means my call blocker app that requires root will work with it. You have to unlock the bootloader first.

Wait until October and get the Moto X Pure Edition, you’ll probably be able to root that too. Not sure I will have enough gold for the Moto G next month anyways. I want the 2 GB of RAM version, and a case. It’ll cost $250.

And it only does wireless N, that kind of blows.

Engadget recommends the TP-LINK Archer C7 v2

Why don’t they recommend the C9? It’s only thirty bucks more. I don’t see the point in buying another C7, I already have version 1.


Comment says 5 GHz doesn’t work on it, that means they have version 1, therefore they don’t have the router Engadget recommends.

Should probably keep my router and buy something else I don’t need, like a Moto G.

They don’t recommend the C9, so I can’t buy it. They say the C7 is better then the C8. Probably better then the C9 too. To bad I have version 1.

Can I exchange my v1 for a v2? Pretty sure the warranty is over by now though. Maybe if I pay a small fee, I can get a v2.

Windows 10 likes rebooting itself

You’d think by Windows 10, they would have a method to update your computer without rebooting. That isn’t the case. Doesn’t log itself back in and open your programs either. Luckily my virtual machine gets suspended instead of shutdown, so it doesn’t take as long to start it up.

NVIDIA SHIELD doesn't like my router's wifi either

Not just Apple stuff. When I first got the SHIELD, I hooked it up by wifi. I think the NVIDIA SHIELD has wireless AC, so I didn’t test the 2.4 GHz signal. Worked way better after I plugged ethernet into it. I have a long ethernet cable going to behind my TV, plugged into a switch with two smaller ethernet cables. The PS4 is wired too.

The Fire TV liked my wifi. Think it was 5 GHz. Ethernet was kind of useless on the Fire TV, not gigabit.

NVIDIA SHIELD audio sync setting doesn't appear to do anything

At least not for Sling TV. The lips in Sling TV are out of sync or something. I didn’t try the max audio sync setting though. Maybe the SHIELD isn’t supported by Sling TV, so it’s out of sync. Sometimes the video goes super slow, like you’d get in a game if the FPS was low. I gave my Fire TV away, so I don’t know if it’s any better. Don’t think the PS4 does Sling TV. Ahh well, I’ll just watch it with the lips out of sync.

Might only work if you plug the NVIDIA SHIELD into a receiver. I have a soundbar without HDMI, so it’s plugged into the TV, my TV has optical out.

Don’t think the audio delay thing on my soundbar does anything. No lights blink or anything on the soundbar when you click it. Can’t remember how messed up it was before I clicked two hundred times.

Phone is still slow

Should probably order a Moto G next month instead of a router. Guess using the performance CPU governor doesn’t speed up the LG G3. Thought it was at first. But I think I’ll buy a new router anyways, cheaper then the Moto G.

Rebooting might make it faster. Cheaper then buying a new phone.

Ancient Aliens

Good show. Lots of evidence there was gods, that also might of visited earth. How do you get one of those gods to come to earth and heal me of my insanity? Or better take me with them?

Looks like wormholes might be the only way to space travel. Will I be alive when they figure out how to make a wormhole? Or find a wormhole? I want to go in it naked. That won’t work if the wormhole is in space, I’ll die. So a see through space suit will work.

28 visits

That’s pretty shitty. Maybe I should redirect panhandlersonline.com to this blog. It gets more then 28 visits.

That's a good idea

Save your money until you have over 2k, then lose social security, then get evicted for not paying rent after you run out of money. Best plan I’ve heard.

Sling TV makes me happy

I mostly watch the History and H2 channels. Probably should cancel the 5 dollar add on. But I’m lazy, so I’ll keep it how it is.

No more Sandisk products for me

They sold me a SSD with some kind of problem. All SD cards I buy in the future won’t be made by Sandisk. Either Sony or Samsung. I have a Sony micro SD card in my phone. I have a Samsung micro SD card in the DS playing flashcard I bought for my 2DS.

I don’t care enough about the pictures I take with my camera to replace the Sandisk SD card.

Why did I feed Tonka?

She ate people shit at my mom’s. The dogs got in the garbage in the bathroom, there was a dirty diaper in there. It’s not going to look good when the guardian whatever comes to the house.

I was sleeping and woke up a little and could smell her shit smelling breath, I got pissed and then fell back a sleep. I should just lock her out of my room at night, no more smelling shit while I sleep. She eats dog shit too. Anyone want a dog that eats dog shit? She likes kids, and she’ll eat their poop too.

Wait there’s a lady in the building that said if I got rid of her, she’d take her. She might not anymore, now that she eats shit.

Could stop putting her in the yard. Then she won’t go poop. Then when she starts pooping in my apartment, she’ll be gone. She’ll try to eat shit if you walk her too though. Nobody at this building cleans up after their dogs, or very few people do. I joined them, as I don’t want to step in dog shit trying to clean her’s up.

Move to a building that doesn’t allow dogs. Give Tonka to somebody with no other pets, then she can only eat her own poop.

RIP Nexus 4

I gave my Nexus 4 to my mom, who gave it to my older sister. The dog knocked it down, and it no longer works I guess. I think she got a phone like my sister’s.

I won’t be giving my LG G3 to anybody. If I get a new phone, I’ll keep it as a backup.

You might be able to put DD-WRT on the TP-LINK Archer C9

But their router database doesn’t list the C9, or it has some other model number, I don’t know. There’s a post about it, didn’t see any links, but it’s a long thread, not looking at every page.

According to their wiki it is supported. Where’s the download link?

You can find the download on their FTP site.

If I get that router, I probably won’t put DD-WRT on it. Don’t do much with a router.