DreamHost doesn't want you to switch hosts

Under 1 Mb/s downloading the zip file. I made a zip of panhandlersonline.com, so I can upload it slowly to the new host, after I sign up. BuyVM is better. They make sales by responding right away. It’ll probably get hacked, but it’s cheaper.

Just signed up. It’ll be fun setting up Ruby on Rails, that’s the only thing that’ll be on it.

BUYSHARED for PHP sites. Easier. Once it’s done pending, I’ll get the MySQL add on, I think it’s another buck a month.

I picked the non US location. Might as well if I’m going with BuyVM.

Might take a while for it to be setup. They manually do it.

Sweet, now all my sites are hosted by BuyVM, BUYSHARED is owned by them.

Business hours are over. 24 hours to get it. Boohoo. I already changed the DNS back to Google. Don’t have the IP for the VPS yet.