Moving VPS to Las Vegas

The backup.tar.gz file is being created. If goes down, that’s why, the hosting is being moved. BuyVM apparently can’t just move it.

I want backups and offloaded MySQL. Probably still get the 512 MB plan. Just in case. If gets a lot of traffic, it might need more then 256 MB of RAM.

Stoping Mariadb didn’t free any memory. Actually went up. Guess I do need the 512 MB plan.

I forgot to start Mariadb before logging out. Site won’t work till it’s moved. Don’t feel like logging back in.

It was around 3 bucks for the 512 MB plan. It’s pro rated. Just have to wait for the tar.gz file to finish downloading, then I can cancel it. I’ll get credit after I cancel it. I’ll use it to pay for it next month.