New computer works

Both the single core and multi core score is better then my AMD 6300. Yup an i3 6100 is faster then a AMD 6300.

Windows boots faster too. Same SSD. Probably don’t need a PCIe SSD. Looks like switching to Intel made my Samsung faster.

Oh yeah the 75 dollar Windows 10 Pro copy on eBay works. Just click properties on the File Explorer in the start menu, and change the product key. Not sure I needed it though. Said it was activated. But it would probably eventually check on Microsoft’s servers, and see the hardware changed, and deactivate it.

To get my USB sound card to work, I installed the Windows 7 driver. Optical didn’t work without the driver. No Windows 10 driver on their site. I could buy a PCIe sound card, but it looks like the USB sound card works fine.