Poor Meiko

He ripped a toenail off his back paw. She finally took him in, he needed lab work too. They did something to his toe, he’s been whining a lot. Hard to tell why he’s whining, leaving can make him whine, when you come home he whines. She had to buy some dog boots, he won’t let you put the “boot” the vet gave us on. Just a plastic bag with a rubber band. She bought actual boots at a pet store with Velcro. She only put one on him, you can’t just buy one. It might actually make his paw feel better.

She said they were kind of rude to her, like she didn’t do what she was supposed to do. She took him to the vet a while ago, they said he lost to much weight, and to come back. But then my sister left Jason, and she wasn’t able to take him back in. He gained like ten pounds. We started feeding him more. She thought he was getting fat, so gave him less food. Apparently that was a bad idea, he lost to much weight.