The night manager is getting lots of complaints

He’s never in the office. Also almost never home, so if you get locked out, you are screwed. Yeah the day manager can come, but I don’t think she should have to. She’s only here on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you get packages on Thursday or Friday, you are screwed. He might be nice and friendly, but he’s not working.

Oh and they made one of the lady’s daughters homeless, they were going to rent her an apartment, but gave it to the night manager instead. Also she got special permission to do her laundry here at night when people were in bed. That means it’s okay, no matter what you think. If the manager said they can, then they can. If you know the whole story, you might not care.

When she got locked out, somebody let her in, and let her use his phone. Otherwise she would of been stuck outside. She ended up finding her keys. Does the night manager not understand his job? The whole point is, he’ll be home, or able to drive back. Kind of pointless having a night manager onsite that isn’t home.

If enough people complain about what he’s doing, he could lose the job, or get told how the job works. If he gets a complaint from almost everybody, there’s a good chance they will fire him.

I don’t really care if they fire him, or just tell him that he has to be in the office, and available. As long as they fix it, I don’t care how. He seems like a nice guy and everything.