TracFone is cheaper then Ting

Ting might have better customer support though. There’s some bad stuff about TracFone. Don’t switch from a TracFone to a GSM phone. You might lose all your carried over minutes. 25 bucks for two months on TracFone. You get more minutes, texts, and data then Ting. One device, a hundred minutes, and no texts, and a hundred MB of data is 12 bucks a month. Might be cheaper, but for 50 cents more you get more everything.

The billing on Ting is different, you pay at the end of your billing cycle, for whatever you used. The average bill is over twenty bucks. You can get Ultra Mobile with unlimited minutes and texting for 19 bucks a month. Only a hundred MB of data though. I haven’t even used 50 MB of data this month yet. And I used over a hundred MB of data last month. Ting won’t work then.

Mom said me switching won’t lower her bill by very much. Looks like it’s almost two hundred bucks a month. How much is it if everyone switches? 50 bucks a month?

Auto refill makes TracFone even cheaper though. So it’s the same as Ting or less with more minutes, texts, and data.

33 cents per minute on TracFone is a rip off though. Ten bucks for 30 minutes.

Why are the smartphone plans cheaper then the Pay As You Go plans? 80 bucks for 450 minutes. 90 days of service. Ultra Mobile is cheaper then TracFone, if you need a lot of minutes. Just run out of data every month.

I can’t support TracFone, for charging 80 bucks for 450 minutes on their Pay As You Go plan. It’s a huge rip off.