Ultra Mobile it is

I don’t like limited texts or minutes. So a hundred MB of data will have to do. I turned mobile data off for the Play Store, it’s almost 20 MB. My a hundred MB of data might last slightly longer. I can always upgrade to the 29 dollar a month plan. I should turn mobile data off on The Weather App, that’s over 20 MB.

I don’t believe my mom that she won’t save money. Ultra uses T-Mobile, so it’ll work fine. My phone can be used on AT&T or T-Mobile.

Are they going to automatically charge me each month? That would be a good thing, then I don’t have to remember to pay the bill. I can’t remember what the walking thing in town is called.

Also I want a new phone number, then the one person I gave my T-Mobile number to, won’t have it anymore. She will still have my Google Voice number though. I’d have to pay to change my Google Voice number. Then I’ll have to fill out a form for Social Security to change it. Doubt you can change it online, not if you get SSI.

And they ship by USPS if you want them to. It’s cheap and it goes in my mailbox.

Should of went with TracFone though. Cheaper, under $150 for a year. Unless you get the Pay As You Go plans, not the smartphone plans. Then it’s the biggest rip off ever. 80 bucks for 450 minutes.

FAQ says five bucks for 500 MB of data. So if I run out, I don’t need to upgrade the plan. It’s slightly cheaper if you only need 500 MB more of data. I will only need a hundred MB more of data most likely though. So I’ll just have zero data until the following month.