Meiko's foot is better

They were able to take the bandage off. He doesn’t have to wear a boot anymore. Might still be on medicine. They did give him some pain killers the first time he went in.

Ultra Mobile it is

I don’t like limited texts or minutes. So a hundred MB of data will have to do. I turned mobile data off for the Play Store, it’s almost 20 MB. My a hundred MB of data might last slightly longer. I can always upgrade to the 29 dollar a month plan. I should turn mobile data off on The Weather App, that’s over 20 MB.

I don’t believe my mom that she won’t save money. Ultra uses T-Mobile, so it’ll work fine. My phone can be used on AT&T or T-Mobile.

Are they going to automatically charge me each month? That would be a good thing, then I don’t have to remember to pay the bill. I can’t remember what the walking thing in town is called.

Also I want a new phone number, then the one person I gave my T-Mobile number to, won’t have it anymore. She will still have my Google Voice number though. I’d have to pay to change my Google Voice number. Then I’ll have to fill out a form for Social Security to change it. Doubt you can change it online, not if you get SSI.

And they ship by USPS if you want them to. It’s cheap and it goes in my mailbox.

Should of went with TracFone though. Cheaper, under $150 for a year. Unless you get the Pay As You Go plans, not the smartphone plans. Then it’s the biggest rip off ever. 80 bucks for 450 minutes.

FAQ says five bucks for 500 MB of data. So if I run out, I don’t need to upgrade the plan. It’s slightly cheaper if you only need 500 MB more of data. I will only need a hundred MB more of data most likely though. So I’ll just have zero data until the following month.

TracFone is cheaper then Ting

Ting might have better customer support though. There’s some bad stuff about TracFone. Don’t switch from a TracFone to a GSM phone. You might lose all your carried over minutes. 25 bucks for two months on TracFone. You get more minutes, texts, and data then Ting. One device, a hundred minutes, and no texts, and a hundred MB of data is 12 bucks a month. Might be cheaper, but for 50 cents more you get more everything.

The billing on Ting is different, you pay at the end of your billing cycle, for whatever you used. The average bill is over twenty bucks. You can get Ultra Mobile with unlimited minutes and texting for 19 bucks a month. Only a hundred MB of data though. I haven’t even used 50 MB of data this month yet. And I used over a hundred MB of data last month. Ting won’t work then.

Mom said me switching won’t lower her bill by very much. Looks like it’s almost two hundred bucks a month. How much is it if everyone switches? 50 bucks a month?

Auto refill makes TracFone even cheaper though. So it’s the same as Ting or less with more minutes, texts, and data.

33 cents per minute on TracFone is a rip off though. Ten bucks for 30 minutes.

Why are the smartphone plans cheaper then the Pay As You Go plans? 80 bucks for 450 minutes. 90 days of service. Ultra Mobile is cheaper then TracFone, if you need a lot of minutes. Just run out of data every month.

I can’t support TracFone, for charging 80 bucks for 450 minutes on their Pay As You Go plan. It’s a huge rip off.

We didn't land on the moon?

I’m sure we’ve been there though. Apparently radiation would of killed people going into space. But the show is from 2001. Also we already have people on Mars. There’s a secret space program, the rover took a picture, and there’s a shadow which looks like a person, working on the rover. Who’s in charge of the secret space program? You’ll never know. Hillary isn’t releasing crap about UFOs, she can try, but she won’t be able to. More likely, she won’t even have access to anything the US knows about UFOs.

The night manager is getting lots of complaints

He’s never in the office. Also almost never home, so if you get locked out, you are screwed. Yeah the day manager can come, but I don’t think she should have to. She’s only here on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you get packages on Thursday or Friday, you are screwed. He might be nice and friendly, but he’s not working.

Oh and they made one of the lady’s daughters homeless, they were going to rent her an apartment, but gave it to the night manager instead. Also she got special permission to do her laundry here at night when people were in bed. That means it’s okay, no matter what you think. If the manager said they can, then they can. If you know the whole story, you might not care.

When she got locked out, somebody let her in, and let her use his phone. Otherwise she would of been stuck outside. She ended up finding her keys. Does the night manager not understand his job? The whole point is, he’ll be home, or able to drive back. Kind of pointless having a night manager onsite that isn’t home.

If enough people complain about what he’s doing, he could lose the job, or get told how the job works. If he gets a complaint from almost everybody, there’s a good chance they will fire him.

I don’t really care if they fire him, or just tell him that he has to be in the office, and available. As long as they fix it, I don’t care how. He seems like a nice guy and everything.

Poor Meiko

He ripped a toenail off his back paw. She finally took him in, he needed lab work too. They did something to his toe, he’s been whining a lot. Hard to tell why he’s whining, leaving can make him whine, when you come home he whines. She had to buy some dog boots, he won’t let you put the “boot” the vet gave us on. Just a plastic bag with a rubber band. She bought actual boots at a pet store with Velcro. She only put one on him, you can’t just buy one. It might actually make his paw feel better.

She said they were kind of rude to her, like she didn’t do what she was supposed to do. She took him to the vet a while ago, they said he lost to much weight, and to come back. But then my sister left Jason, and she wasn’t able to take him back in. He gained like ten pounds. We started feeding him more. She thought he was getting fat, so gave him less food. Apparently that was a bad idea, he lost to much weight.

BuyVM doesn't offer backups on their OpenVZ plans

I have a bigger then 256 MB plan, and I have no automatic backups. In Las Vegas. I can make three snapshots. Their site advertises free backups for the 256 MB+ plans, that isn’t the case. Unless New Jersey has backups, doubt it, I’m not cancelling and resigning up again to find out. If I knew backups weren’t included, I would of went with Secure Dragon. Lucky for them, that I’m to lazy to switch my hosting. I might do it eventually.