Don't bother with RingPlus

It’ll cause your phone’s battery to die sooner. Apparently Sprint requires a lot of power. I wasted $15 + $18 though.

Secure Dragon

Got the 5 dollar per month OpenVZ plan. I want fast, HostUS is more budget. Also Secure Dragon has a Oregon location. Weekly off site backups too.

Takes a long time for the DNS to update.

Rsync + ssh is nice

Switching back to BUYSHARED. I can get cheaper OpenVZ hosting, no point in paying for BuyVM, they don’t even offer the backups they advertise. You can get a VPS for about the same from Secure Dragon, with more ram, and weekly off site backups.

BUYSHARED is the cheapest option. I might not convert the old posts though. That might be to much work, and I don’t care. I might have an old backup somewhere, if I can find it.

HostUS might be the best deal. No backups though. And it’s done transferring the files. VPS or BUYSHARED? I say BUYSHARED, because I don’t want a monthly bill. 15 bucks a year is cheap.

If I want Ruby on Rails back, I’ll get a VPS next month, or some other month.

I didn’t backup the SSL certificates. That’ll have to be recreated if I get a VPS.