Got a 4 GB VPS from BuyVM

It’s a Dedicated KVM Slice. The 15 dollar a month plan includes a dedicated core. So I can run every hour, without getting in trouble. Also 4 GB of RAM should be better.

Just got to wait for them to approve it.

The DDOS protection cost another three bucks.

I have almost had my shared hosting from BUYSHARED for a year. At the end of next month.

Must of needed to exclude more stuff. Looks like I killed the new VPS. Or not, just slow. Reinstalling, found a guide with more stuff to exclude.

Looks like rsync didn’t exclude anything. I had to reinstall grub, make sure you do grub2. Still not booting. Looks like I’ll have to resetup manually, or find a different guide. And it’s trying to boot this time.

I think the –delete option is deleting stuff that is needed. I’ll try again without that.

One last thing to try before giving up, reinstalling everything.

#!/bin/bash for package in `dpkg --get-selections | grep -w 'install$' | cut -f 1`; do apt-get install --reinstall $package; done

I had to type it, the console doesn’t support copy and paste. I’m booted from a Debian disk, in rescue mode.

Why does it boot so damn slow? I reinstalled mingetty, and it didn’t say it failed to start the login service. Oh there it did.