The Trump administration is suing California

California should un US itself, so it can do whatever it wants. The FCC’s net neutrality is unlawful and anti consumer. Trump is all about rich people getting richer. He doesn’t give a shit about anything else.

He does know if enough democrats get elected, they may impeach him? That’ll be a sad day for him. Instead of impeaching him, just pass net neutrality legislation that the FCC can’t change. Problem with impeaching him, is his supporters will go crazy. They are a violent crowd.

Also, it’s possible no court will side with him on suing California. The supreme court will, once they get their sexual assaulter nominee in.

The supreme court is supposed to do the law, how come the FCC can tell states they can’t have their own internet laws? The internet is in their state. If all the republicans want no net neutrality, they can do so in their states. The federal government shouldn’t get to dictate a very unpopular move for the entire country, there are republicans who support net neutrality.

It’s unpopular with internet providers, because they can’t make as much money.

The federal government clearly isn’t working for the people, more like for rich people. Make em richer, make the poor poorer, and make the sick sicker.

There’s barely any internet competition in the US, if there was more competition, then net neutrality, might not matter as much, you could just switch providers, to one that allows you to do whatever the other one censors.

SiliconDust is a dick

They charged me for my TV service before the 1st, it might be the 1st their time. Now I barely saved any money this month, thanks to SiliconDust. Money wouldn’t be in the bank until the bank opens though. Should cancel it, and re signup on the 5th of November.

They should still go by my time, not their time.

WiFi is fixed

Changed the channels again. It’s the 2.4 GHz that was having issues, in the bathroom. So shitty the App Store was super slow.

I also put it on top of my computer. I just moved it back down though, it increased my CPUs temperature, the CPU fan is blowing out where I put the AP.

Shitload of wireless interference, just do an RF Scan.

I could make it prefer the 5 GHz connection, but I don’t really care how slow the WiFi is on my phone.

Channel 9 in the RF scanner is 7-11. The channel was set to 9 before.

Changed the password too, you have to do that every so often, that way once they crack the password, it won’t work anymore. Only one WiFi device, and it has copy and paste.

You just need somebody to steal your WiFi for over a year, to be paranoid about it. They damaged one of my routers, from whatever they were doing, possibly a switch too. WiFi won’t be much fun now, they can’t access everything on the network. VLANs are nice.

What will the 5G internet speed be? Hopefully 500 Mbps or less, if it’s faster, my router can only do a total of 1000 Mbps, 500 down, and 500 up. Guess it won’t really matter, since I don’t upload 24/7. Will they mind if I run a webserver on the connection? I’ll get two connections, one for my network, and one for the server I don’t have.

Short lived fix. Maybe it only works if it’s up higher. Around 1 Mbps, wouldn’t matter if the latency wasn’t high. Put it back on top of my computer, not where the CPU fan is blowing out. Not sure that matters, the temperature still hasn’t went under 30C.

Yup it works again. Do cable modems interfere with wireless APs? Wouldn’t think so, they sell all in one modems/routers. The AP is meant to be mounted on a ceiling though.

I’d put it on my bookcase, but there isn’t really anywhere to put it. Not sure putting an antenna on top of it would be a good idea. They might interfere with each other.

Moved it over to the bookcase, put it on top of the other switch. Had to run a long cable, the other switch has no VLANs. Pretty sure the VLAN is based on ports on the main switch. If I only wanted one cable going over there, I could put the main switch over there. I’d need the other switch by my computer, computer needs to be plugged into it.

Will Manjaro work without AUFS?

I removed all the patches from the PKGBUILD, except one Arch Linux patch, that sounds like a good idea. I want an even more stock like kernel, I already have the Fedora config. It’s compiling now.

You can find the PKGBUILD here. That PKGBUILD only applies to 4.18.11+. All the old kernels in that folder, have all the shitty Manjaro patches.

Switching distros is to much work, /home isn’t a separate partition. Restoring a backup is to much work. Also, I like Arch Linux’s packages, customizing any part of Manjaro or Arch is easy, just edit the PKGBUILD and run makepkg. I’d probably like Gentoo too, possibly better.

It’ll work, if nothing is using AUFS. Docker uses AUFS, you can change it to something else though.

It works. Once it’s done uploading, you’ll be able to find it here. Comcast doesn’t believe in faster then 6 Mbps upload.

Aliens created your Gods

Aliens created humans. The humans didn’t like being created by other intelligent life, they wanted to be the only intelligent life. So the Aliens made Gods for the people, to keep them from killing each other.

Once you know everything, you can create divine beings.

Religious nut jobs will think this is bat shit crazy, because they don’t like the truth, Aliens exist, get over it.

You wouldn’t exist if Aliens didn’t.

Who created the Aliens? The same question would apply if Aliens didn’t make Gods, who created God? Existence doesn’t make sense.

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries

One of my Amazon branded rechargeable batteries only has a capacity of 1513mAh. The other battery is 1926mAh.

Used the discharge/refresh option on my charger, looks like it didn’t bring the other battery closer to 2000mAh. Said low battery in my remote days ago. Finally tried the discharge/refresh option.

It’s charging the other battery now, I assume it charges at 400, and discharges at 200. Hopefully it doesn’t catch on fire. It takes days to discharge/refresh them, if using the default rate.

You might have to do the discharge/refresh more then once. Except, it does each step a shit load of times. Guess on other chargers, you have to discharge, then charge. On my charger, you just do the discharge/refresh and it does both a bunch of times. To bad it didn’t bring em up to 1900mAh.

If I needed more batteries, I’d buy Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries. They might be the cheapest ones. I mostly have the Panasonic eneloop batteries. Apparently rechargeable batteries last a long time. I’ll keep using the 1513mAh battery, maybe it’ll magically repair itself. RAYOVAC is cheaper, but do they hold a charge for a long time? If they aren’t pre-charged, then no. I had some AAA RAYOVAC rechargeable batteries, they died fairly quickly, wouldn’t take a charge anymore. Cheaper because they are 1350mAh. If you pay more the Amazon ones are most likely rebranded Panasonic eneloop batteries.

What’s the point in high capacity batteries? Just have way to many rechargeable batteries like me, and you can just change em more often.

BuyVM allows free speech

I assume that applies to their BUYSHARED brand as well. If I remember correctly, he said a racist site was or is hosted by him, and a reporter threw a fit. Because he wouldn’t take the site offline.

Cloudflare is a dick, if the CEO gets angry over your site, and it’s using their CDN, you can say goodbye to your CDN and protection.

If you like censorship, Cloudflare is what you want.

If you don’t like censorship, BuyVM is what you want. BuyVM isn’t a DDoS protector though, you can get DDoS protection from them for an additional $3. No DDoS protection on their shared plans.

I should get the cheapest Slice from them. Not much more then the reseller hosting. CPU usage doesn’t matter, if you use to much, they will cap you. Capping is fine with me.

BunnyCDN works if you need a CDN. They aren’t a US company, so the laws they follow are different. They might allow porn, if it’s legal wherever they are. Yup, they allow adult content.

Might need a new domain registrar, Google might take my domains away. For saying they suck, they do. I need a new email provider too. Domain that is coming up for renewal, I transferred to It might take five days. The whois protection is free, and it’s cheaper then Google.

Torchlight II works great in Manjaro

Using the open source AMD driver, and a RX 460. Probably not that demanding, Windows has a RX 470. No point in playing it in Windows, works just fine in Linux. Does No Man’s Sky work with the Steam Play thing? It’s based on Wine. You can enable it for all games, not just verified working.

Uploading the video, it’ll take awhile, it’s 2.2 GB. The video was recorded in my resolution, of 1440p.

Pretty sure I beat the first game. No idea why it took me so long to buy the second one. I own the first one too, I assume I beat it.

I didn’t know the open source driver could play games. The GPU gets hot, CPU doesn’t break a sweat, unless I’m recording.

No Man’s Sky is better then the other space exploration game I bought a long time ago. Paid to much for that other game. You just click a button to land in No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky is great even if you only play by yourself.

5G internet may be a blow to Comcast

I’ve thought it would be nice if a cell provider would offer home internet, then I wouldn’t have to pay Comcast anymore.

What will the latency be like on 5G? Verizon is going to start offering 5G in select places soon or maybe they already did, not here. AT&T is apparently going to offer 5G internet too. Verizon won’t have a data cap, apparently. T-Mobile said they’d offer it too, if the FCC approves the T-Mobile Sprint merger. That might be a ways off though. Verizon is $70 a month if you don’t have cell service from them, otherwise it’s $50 a month. I’d gladly pay $70 if there’s no data cap. And if the speed bursts faster then 60-70 Mbps.

Not signing another contract, once my deal is up. I’ll just overpay till I find out if AT&T is coming here with 5G internet, I think they will be offering it by the end of the year. Comcast doesn’t deserve money, ping was crap in games for a day or so, they did maintenance or something. Could of been a Windows thing. Don’t forget, Comcast will lower your internet speed and charge you more.

If no 5G internet here, I’ll probably go with CenturyLink, no data cap if you get the Internet Basics, you have to qualify to get it. No data cap means I can watch even more TV. I’m not paying for cable, or any other DRM solution. Silicon Dust’s Premium TV doesn’t have DRM, watch and record using whatever you want. You need one of their devices, I’ve had one for some time. Thanks to firmware updates, I didn’t have to buy a new one. I tested the demo in VLC before paying. You can watch any of the channels for two minutes or something.

SX OS EmuNAND doesn’t resize partitions

Go here for the facts, somebody backed their NAND up without it, then with it. It creates files for the NAND, it doesn’t resize the NAND, and then dual boot.

People are still posting their false bullshit on various threads on GBAtemp.

Somebody said it was a hack job. I’ll keep using SX OS, I can play games that require newer firmware now, thanks to the “fake” EmuNAND. The original firmware is still and older version, I never did boot into the original firmware to see if it still works. The EmuNAND works.

I leave the Switch on and in it’s dock, some say that’s bad for the battery, I say I don’t care. It’ll be non handheld if the battery doesn’t work anymore.

This is the dongle I bought, I was using my computer. Made in the USA, and shipped from the USA. Might cost more then the Chinese dongles. But worth the money. Got another jig with it too.

I don’t care if TX stole code, do you know what SX OS is for? Who did they steal their “fake” EmuNAND from?

What happens if I restore my clean NAND backup? It probably deletes the EmuNAND. When do they plan on adding EmuNAND backup?

Enabling EmuNAND didn’t take 20+ minutes, possibly ten or less. Unless I lost track of time.

You don’t update using the built in method, that requires the Switch needing internet access, I blocked it on the router’s firewall. Use ChoiDujourNX. You can download the firmware files, xbins or the forum with free games.