5G internet may be a blow to Comcast

I’ve thought it would be nice if a cell provider would offer home internet, then I wouldn’t have to pay Comcast anymore.

What will the latency be like on 5G? Verizon is going to start offering 5G in select places soon or maybe they already did, not here. AT&T is apparently going to offer 5G internet too. Verizon won’t have a data cap, apparently. T-Mobile said they’d offer it too, if the FCC approves the T-Mobile Sprint merger. That might be a ways off though. Verizon is $70 a month if you don’t have cell service from them, otherwise it’s $50 a month. I’d gladly pay $70 if there’s no data cap. And if the speed bursts faster then 60-70 Mbps.

Not signing another contract, once my deal is up. I’ll just overpay till I find out if AT&T is coming here with 5G internet, I think they will be offering it by the end of the year. Comcast doesn’t deserve money, ping was crap in games for a day or so, they did maintenance or something. Could of been a Windows thing. Don’t forget, Comcast will lower your internet speed and charge you more.

If no 5G internet here, I’ll probably go with CenturyLink, no data cap if you get the Internet Basics, you have to qualify to get it. No data cap means I can watch even more TV. I’m not paying for cable, or any other DRM solution. Silicon Dust’s Premium TV doesn’t have DRM, watch and record using whatever you want. You need one of their devices, I’ve had one for some time. Thanks to firmware updates, I didn’t have to buy a new one. I tested the demo in VLC before paying. You can watch any of the channels for two minutes or something.