AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries

One of my Amazon branded rechargeable batteries only has a capacity of 1513mAh. The other battery is 1926mAh.

Used the discharge/refresh option on my charger, looks like it didn’t bring the other battery closer to 2000mAh. Said low battery in my remote days ago. Finally tried the discharge/refresh option.

It’s charging the other battery now, I assume it charges at 400, and discharges at 200. Hopefully it doesn’t catch on fire. It takes days to discharge/refresh them, if using the default rate.

You might have to do the discharge/refresh more then once. Except, it does each step a shit load of times. Guess on other chargers, you have to discharge, then charge. On my charger, you just do the discharge/refresh and it does both a bunch of times. To bad it didn’t bring em up to 1900mAh.

If I needed more batteries, I’d buy Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries. They might be the cheapest ones. I mostly have the Panasonic eneloop batteries. Apparently rechargeable batteries last a long time. I’ll keep using the 1513mAh battery, maybe it’ll magically repair itself. RAYOVAC is cheaper, but do they hold a charge for a long time? If they aren’t pre-charged, then no. I had some AAA RAYOVAC rechargeable batteries, they died fairly quickly, wouldn’t take a charge anymore. Cheaper because they are 1350mAh. If you pay more the Amazon ones are most likely rebranded Panasonic eneloop batteries.

What’s the point in high capacity batteries? Just have way to many rechargeable batteries like me, and you can just change em more often.