BuyVM allows free speech

I assume that applies to their BUYSHARED brand as well. If I remember correctly, he said a racist site was or is hosted by him, and a reporter threw a fit. Because he wouldn’t take the site offline.

Cloudflare is a dick, if the CEO gets angry over your site, and it’s using their CDN, you can say goodbye to your CDN and protection.

If you like censorship, Cloudflare is what you want.

If you don’t like censorship, BuyVM is what you want. BuyVM isn’t a DDoS protector though, you can get DDoS protection from them for an additional $3. No DDoS protection on their shared plans.

I should get the cheapest Slice from them. Not much more then the reseller hosting. CPU usage doesn’t matter, if you use to much, they will cap you. Capping is fine with me.

BunnyCDN works if you need a CDN. They aren’t a US company, so the laws they follow are different. They might allow porn, if it’s legal wherever they are. Yup, they allow adult content.

Might need a new domain registrar, Google might take my domains away. For saying they suck, they do. I need a new email provider too. Domain that is coming up for renewal, I transferred to It might take five days. The whois protection is free, and it’s cheaper then Google.