SX OS EmuNAND doesn't resize partitions

Go here for the facts, somebody backed their NAND up without it, then with it. It creates files for the NAND, it doesn’t resize the NAND, and then dual boot.

People are still posting their false bullshit on various threads on GBAtemp.

Somebody said it was a hack job. I’ll keep using SX OS, I can play games that require newer firmware now, thanks to the “fake” EmuNAND. The original firmware is still and older version, I never did boot into the original firmware to see if it still works. The EmuNAND works.

I leave the Switch on and in it’s dock, some say that’s bad for the battery, I say I don’t care. It’ll be non handheld if the battery doesn’t work anymore.

This is the dongle I bought, I was using my computer. Made in the USA, and shipped from the USA. Might cost more then the Chinese dongles. But worth the money. Got another jig with it too.

I don’t care if TX stole code, do you know what SX OS is for? Who did they steal their “fake” EmuNAND from?

What happens if I restore my clean NAND backup? It probably deletes the EmuNAND. When do they plan on adding EmuNAND backup?

Enabling EmuNAND didn’t take 20+ minutes, possibly ten or less. Unless I lost track of time.

You don’t update using the built in method, that requires the Switch needing internet access, I blocked it on the router’s firewall. Use ChoiDujourNX. You can download the firmware files, xbins or the forum with free games.