Torchlight II works great in Manjaro

Using the open source AMD driver, and a RX 460. Probably not that demanding, Windows has a RX 470. No point in playing it in Windows, works just fine in Linux. Does No Man’s Sky work with the Steam Play thing? It’s based on Wine. You can enable it for all games, not just verified working.

Uploading the video, it’ll take awhile, it’s 2.2 GB. The video was recorded in my resolution, of 1440p.

Pretty sure I beat the first game. No idea why it took me so long to buy the second one. I own the first one too, I assume I beat it.

I didn’t know the open source driver could play games. The GPU gets hot, CPU doesn’t break a sweat, unless I’m recording.

No Man’s Sky is better then the other space exploration game I bought a long time ago. Paid to much for that other game. You just click a button to land in No Man’s Sky. No Man’s Sky is great even if you only play by yourself.