WiFi is fixed

Changed the channels again. It’s the 2.4 GHz that was having issues, in the bathroom. So shitty the App Store was super slow.

I also put it on top of my computer. I just moved it back down though, it increased my CPUs temperature, the CPU fan is blowing out where I put the AP.

Shitload of wireless interference, just do an RF Scan.

I could make it prefer the 5 GHz connection, but I don’t really care how slow the WiFi is on my phone.

Channel 9 in the RF scanner is 7-11. The channel was set to 9 before.

Changed the password too, you have to do that every so often, that way once they crack the password, it won’t work anymore. Only one WiFi device, and it has copy and paste.

You just need somebody to steal your WiFi for over a year, to be paranoid about it. They damaged one of my routers, from whatever they were doing, possibly a switch too. WiFi won’t be much fun now, they can’t access everything on the network. VLANs are nice.

What will the 5G internet speed be? Hopefully 500 Mbps or less, if it’s faster, my router can only do a total of 1000 Mbps, 500 down, and 500 up. Guess it won’t really matter, since I don’t upload 24/7. Will they mind if I run a webserver on the connection? I’ll get two connections, one for my network, and one for the server I don’t have.

Short lived fix. Maybe it only works if it’s up higher. Around 1 Mbps, wouldn’t matter if the latency wasn’t high. Put it back on top of my computer, not where the CPU fan is blowing out. Not sure that matters, the temperature still hasn’t went under 30C.

Yup it works again. Do cable modems interfere with wireless APs? Wouldn’t think so, they sell all in one modems/routers. The AP is meant to be mounted on a ceiling though.

I’d put it on my bookcase, but there isn’t really anywhere to put it. Not sure putting an antenna on top of it would be a good idea. They might interfere with each other.

Moved it over to the bookcase, put it on top of the other switch. Had to run a long cable, the other switch has no VLANs. Pretty sure the VLAN is based on ports on the main switch. If I only wanted one cable going over there, I could put the main switch over there. I’d need the other switch by my computer, computer needs to be plugged into it.