Sell my bike for $300

That’ll give me enough for a OnePlus 6T. Probably not enough for an iPhone XR no monthly bill.

Actually, I only need $199 for OnePlus 6T. To bad my soundbar didn’t sell. Or the subwoofer. That wouldn’t be $199 though.

Use WiFi only till December. Or January. I need $400 for the iPhone XR.

Sell my Switch for $300 too, then I’ll have enough for a phone.

How to get past the hanging in blanflash

If you don’t want to hold the button constantly, there’s another way, run the below.

echo 0 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-6/authorized
echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-6/authorized

To get the path, use the below.

for X in /sys/bus/usb/devices/*; do 
    echo "$X"
    cat "$X/idVendor" 2>/dev/null 
    cat "$X/idProduct" 2>/dev/null

All stolen from here.

Holding the power button, might restart it or something, so it’ll never work. Probably has to run all commands, without it rebooting. And replugging the cable would be easier.

while true; do
        echo 0 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-6/authorized
        echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-6/authorized
        sleep 30

Is thirty seconds of sleeping long enough? Or to long? Might be to long, at least I don’t have to mash the keyboard every time it stops now. I can easily run the blankflash 200+ times, until it magically works.

You could make a script to automate the entire thing, I’d use Python, check how long the output stays the same, if longer then 10 seconds, reset USB.

The only thing that might revive my Moto X4

Is a different computer, or buy a PCIe USB card, and plug it into that. Might not be compatible with my ports. Not the USB 2.0 on the front of the case, USB 3.0 hub, or directly in the back.

Somebody said to run it more then three times. I’ve probably ran it more then three times by now.

Will a Debian VM work? I have one.

USB redirection works in QEMU

You have to add a Spice server, and you should probably install UsbDk.

You can have more then one display adapter in QEMU. I disabled the other one, not the AMD RX 470. Had to disable it, because I would get the AMD reset bug on the first shutdown and second startup. Apparently my script to enable and disable doesn’t do the trick with another video adapter.

remote-viewer --spice-usbredir-auto-redirect-filter="0x03,-1,-1,-1,0|-1,-1,-1,-1,1" spice://localhost:5900

That’s the command I use in Linux, to auto attach new USB devices. It’s the command on their site.

Oh and my USB ethernet doesn’t disconnect when trying to revive my phone in Windows now, it’s using Spice.

That’ll make some stuff way easier, some USB devices change the mode they are in, and shows up as something different. If you don’t auto connect new USB devices, you have to switch to Linux, and add the “new” device.

Nokia 7.1

That phone is out? According to Amazon, in stock.

Slightly better CPU then the 6.1. The 6.1 is cheaper though. There is a bigger screen on the 7.1.

Got to get the 7.1 AC WiFi, everything else is shit slow. What happened to getting 1k in both accounts?

It has Pie on it too. No need to find a hack to get the boot loader unlocked.

No fingerprint sensor on the iPhone XR, and it costs $900 if you pay monthly.

Nice, the single core score is over 1k, 1331 in one benchmark. Damn, slightly slower then the Honor 8. Probably still fast enough. Got to sell my sole to Google.

HDR screen too.

Best Buy has it too. Not till Saturday. If you order online and pick it up.

Why wouldn’t it come till Monday on Amazon? I’ll see what Best Buy says on the 1st. And Best Buy has zero cases. That means, I’ll be waiting for that.

If I can revive my Moto X4, I can sell it to my sister. Good luck, don’t know what version the stock ROM was. Don’t know what version the blankflash is either.

Where is the monthly iPhone deal?

Do you need credit to qualify? That might be cheaper then paying Straight Talk, not in the long run. Still better then paying Straight Talk.

Here it is.

Requires a credit check. I’ll ask my mom to get it for me, I’ll pay her $37.41 a month.

No Android, to easy to kill em. And their slow.

24 months, that’s $897.84, nice price hike. If most Android phones didn’t come with a shit ROM, I wouldn’t need a custom ROM.

There is a Nokia phone I’d buy, but it’s not out yet. Good idea, buy a Nokia phone, you can’t unlock the boot loader, so no chance of bricking. If it bricks, it’ll be covered.

Nice, that’s $230 for the Nokia 6.1. Not the one I thought I was looking at.

System76's "open" computer uses x86_64

Didn’t read the blog post on System76’s site, just the summary on Phoronix. Holding their breath that Intel or AMD will open up their CPUs is a bad idea. You’ll suffocate.


Don't cook quesadillas in the microwave

You might throw up if you do. Tortillas don’t taste right in the microwave, at least not for a minute or longer. Cheese wasn’t melted either.

Today I cooked it in the toaster oven, way better. Cooking another one.

Not sure I like the salsa I have. I have some unopened green salsa. It might taste better. I lied, it wasn’t unopened, just didn’t use very much of it.

Android sucks

Killed my phone, because I didn’t know the OTA updater in the custom ROM kills phones. Gets an IO error. iPhone isn’t unlocked, I had to remove the SIM card to restore my backup.

Apparently unsupported SIM cards work, you just can’t activate it or anything in iTunes. You have to remove the SIM card.

Last Android phone I buy. People say rooting and ROMs make it better, the risk of bricking isn’t worth it. Don’t think they bothered to put a big warning that you’ll brick if you use the OTA updater.

Damn, I need the adapter to use the T-Mobile SIM card now.

Either the adapter got bent, or it’s in the wrong way. Looked like it was slightly bent.

Nice, the new adapter works, but Apple might of fixed the bug. So, now I have zero phone. Thanks to an article that lied and said I could use the Straight Talk iPhone on other providers.

Says activation lock, enter info, shows login again, enter again, then it shows an iTunes icon. Click back, then it says please wait or something, then says the activation server is offline. Updating my phone to see if that changes anything, I also logged into the account in settings.

I do have one unlocked phone, I think Cricket gave it to her for signing up, I paid for an unlock code. Used it when I sent my Moto X4 in, which I probably didn’t need to do. Don’t really want to use that phone though, ancient version of Android on it. Use Google Voice, on WiFi. I don’t give people my T-Mobile number, so it’s not my problem if they call that number.

Something I read, said to activate with the service the phone is for. Didn’t get an activation thing though, just a signal.

How many times do I have to enter my username and password?

The only thing that might work, is removing it from iCloud or whatever, and erasing it again.

Got it to say no service and no activation. Probably broke the adapter, can’t enter the settings anymore. Other adapter works, must not of been in right. Still wonder how to change the settings on the other one.

50057672*00# works with the other SIM adapter, after changing the mode. The other mode doesn’t get it activated though. Paying for service, might get the adapter working again. Don’t want to give them anymore money.

And disabling Find my iPhone doesn’t work, just don’t have to enter password or PIN. Still does an activation loop.

Got a different error, trying to revive Moto X4.

qb_flash_singleimage()->sahara_greet_device()->change_mode()->do_hello()->Invalid command received in current state

The instructions don’t work. Holding power + volume down, and it’ll disconnect. You have to let it fail once, then run again without holding any buttons down. Now it’s stuck. It just stopped doing whatever it was doing.

The XML in the img file is invalid, apparently.

Says unknown device in Windows. To lazy to disable driver verification. I think I saw signed drivers somewhere. I installed the Motorola thing, but it didn’t do anything. Nope, unknown device was something else. Probably the USB redirection I added, and then removed. Uninstalled it in Windows and it hasn’t come back.

This is the driver I installed, it puts Windows in test mode for you. If I uninstall it, will it revert Windows?

USB has issues in Windows, says no internet, then it comes back, USB ethernet adapter. Phone disconnected and didn’t reconnect, had to re add it in virt-manager.

Going to boot an old kernel, I’ll try in Linux first. That’s most likely the problem with USB in Windows VM. Unless, I didn’t test the hub with more then one thing in Windows. Then the new hub has issues. Or it needs to be set to 2.0 when using the phone in Windows, it is only 2.0.

USB still disconnects stuff, but the network comes right back. It’s a VM problem, because it doesn’t happen in Linux, my Downloads folder is on a USB drive. That’s where the blankflash is. If it was disconnecting, then I’d have no access to the drive for a second.

Test Mode isn’t the same as driver enforcement, enabled driver enforcement and it still said Test Mode. Disabled Test Mode, and it’s gone. Did they add Test Mode in newer Windows 10 builds? Looks like it does the same thing.

Finally did more then error out. But I think it’s doing the loop. That means I have to keep trying. That’ll take days. Or weeks.

...ERROR: XML not formed correctly. Expected a < character at loc 0

There’s the XML error.

Maybe it takes an hour or longer to complete? Maybe it’ll be done tomorrow.

In Linux, you don’t have to hold down + power, right away, if you use –debug=2, it’ll retry. Once it gets the error that it can’t find the USB device in some /proc folder or something, that means you run it again, and it does something else, it hangs after showing an XML file.

I’m guessing a different image file would work.

Same thing if you use the Moto G6 Plus blankflash. The files aren’t the same, according to shasum.

Every time it hangs, hold power + volume down, that might only work with the Moto G6 Plus blankflash. I put the image file in the Moto G6 Plus blankflash folder. It’s not a loop. For some reason it hangs, and you have to wake it up. Hmm, maybe it is looping, hard to tell.

On to configuring device.

On to Initializing storage. Is it working? The instructions don’t say what I have to do. You shouldn’t have to keep waking it up.

And it’s probably looping, says configuring again. You only have to hold power down, when it’s hanged. But it’s probably in a loop.

Might not be a loop, there’s a backup file now. And I extracted the image, to look at the default.xml file. Just a slow process, it isn’t automatic.

[1446.741] ERROR: do_package()->do_recipe()->do_configure()->device_open()->error opening device [1446.741] Check qboot_log.txt for more details [1446.741] Total time: 1446.741s [1446.741] There were some hiccups in backup and restore. [1446.741] Please save the following files and see a Bootloader member. [1446.741] 1) ./qboot_log.txt [1446.741] 2) ./backup_xxxx_2018-10-30_232728.img [1446.741] FAILED: qb_flash_singleimage()->do_package()->do_recipe()->do_configure()->device_open()->error opening device

Running it again. Probably won’t work though. How do I mount the img file? It won’t mount.

Oh and you only need to hold the power button, no need for volume down too. Is the backup img file in the same format as the bin file? The only thing in the backup img is programmer.elf.

I got more lines, but I’m pretty sure it’s looping.

Same error, can’t open it.

Killed my Moto X4

By clicking reboot after it finished installing the update. Apparently the custom ROM kills phones when updating. Holding the power button does nothing.

Plugging it in doesn’t do anything either. Probably frozen. Apparently holding the power button doesn’t force it off or on or anything.

Bus 003 Device 040: ID 05c6:9008 Qualcomm, Inc. Gobi Wireless Modem (QDL mode)

That’s what it says connected to computer. There’s instructions on XDA, but it’s not working.

Doesn’t work in Windows either.

press (and keep pressing) power+vol down (as if trying to boot fastboot)
 (still holding) start the script with --debug=2

 once you see a wall of text scrolling past you can let go of the buttons

It can still have problems, if it tries to write something, pauses, tries to write the same, pauses ad infinitum you have to restart the process.

Looks like I have to restart the process. Tried a different USB cable, still doesn’t work.

Maybe that's why I don't like the iPhone SE

Screen might be to small. A bigger iPhone isn’t cheap.

Keep the Moto X4 for my phone, buy the iPad Pro, so I can use the Apple TV remote app, if I need it. Also, the iPad Pro has USB Type-C, so you can connect lots of stuff to it, maybe even a Yubikey, with a Type-C to A adapter, which I have. Might as well buy the iPad Pro, instead of the iPhone XR, only $50 or so more. With an even bigger screen.

Can I connect external drives to the iPad Pro? I’ll use it as a laptop.

Sounds like Apple's event was lame

The new Mac minis start at $799, and still use Intel. The iPad Pro has no home button anymore, you have to use your face to unlock it, or a PIN.

Didn’t know there was a i3 that is quad core. I had a dual core i3 with hyper threading. I doubt the quad core i3 has hyper threading.

Did they make the iPad Pro’s screen bigger? Looks weird. Looks even weirder with a keyboard. It has USB Type-C though. How much does it cost? Over a grand? Starts at the same price as the new Mac mini.

The only thing good about the Moto X4

The screen is bigger then the iPhone SE’s.

Don’t think I like any phones anymore. Android sucks just as much as iOS.

Should of made a backup of the iPhone before resetting it, I have an outdated backup. The iPhone might be worth more though. Might as well sell it.

How slow is the Moto X4?

Under 900 for the single core score, over 2000 for the iPhone SE. No custom kernel, but Lineage OS 15.1. You get a higher score if you use the custom kernel, assuming it still works.


WiFi calling might work on T-Mobile, I enabled it.

Buy the Mi Box for $60, and sell the Apple TV. Kind of pointless having an Apple TV, with no iOS devices. Do universal remotes work with it? Without a USB adapter?

Credit union app blows ass on Android

No pasting support, no auto fill support. That means typing a random password.

That’s right, you have to type something, select all, then paste. Worse app ever.

Got a working do not disturb mode now. Sucks the phone is slower. To bad you can’t get an iPhone with Android.

Reset iPhone, going to see if the T-Mobile SIM card still works in it.

Computer seems blazing fast now. And using the iPhone SE is hard, with it’s tiny screen. T-Mobile SIM card still works in it.