41 hours a month of care giving

That’s about ten hours a week. Which is what the doctor wanted me to get. The care giving wasn’t my idea, I didn’t even signup for it, my mom did for me.

You don’t need to be functional to live by yourself. You just need to be beyond repair. You won’t get evicted for a dirty apartment, when they do an inspection, ten hours a week, is plenty of time for cleaning, it only took four hours last time, if she cleans weekly, that’s 30-60 minutes a week of cleaning.

Oh and I can fire her, that might be bad for family relations. To bad I’m to lazy to fire anybody. I’d fire the case manager though, I don’t want anybody on my case. Just don’t answer the phone. I can’t, thanks to Apple’s do not disturb, it doesn’t show non allowed calls as calling. You’d have to allow all calls, or turn it off. On Android it just doesn’t make noise when ringing, but if you look at the phone, it shows them calling.