According to UniFi WiFi Metrics, somebody is on my WiFi when I’m gone

I should get an email every time somebody connects. I have looked at UniFi on my phone, and nobody has been on it when I’m not home.

So the metrics might be broken. Google doesn’t find any info on what new, existing, or disconnected means. New sounds like a device not known, existing something that has connected in the past. A new device connected when I was gone, and then disconnected. Apparently random passwords are useless.

If I go to statistics, only my iPhone has ever been on it. If I go to alerts, there isn’t an alert for somebody connecting when gone. Should have an alert even if they clone my phone’s MAC address. Unless, they connect right when I’m leaving.

I need to setup IPv6 on my router, you can’t do it from the web GUI. You might be able to, if you go to Config Tree. I’m to lazy to do it.