Does No man’s Sky work with Steam Play?

I enabled Steam Play for all titles, once No Man’s Sky is done downloading, I’ll know. Steam Play is based on Wine, Proton is what it’s called. Steam Play uses Proton.

If you search the Wine site, No Man’s Sky apparently works.

Might not work for me because of the open source driver. Can’t downgrade the kernel to use the non open source driver, no SMT support on Ryzen on the required version of the closed source driver.

I think my Linux video card only has 2 GB of VRAM, so it’ll probably crash if it works at all. Higher then 1080p resolution.

People say non native resolutions on LCD monitors looks worse. Not sure I agree though.

Well, it loads, but you can’t see much. Looking at the FAQ for Steam Play.

The last picture is with the Proton beta. The menu works, but you can still see the menu when exiting the menu, on the non beta Proton.

Doesn’t really matter that it doesn’t work, I have a Windows VM, with a better video card.