Don’t use Android 9 on the Moto X4

The custom ROMs for 9, don’t support the headphone jack. I don’t use the headphone jack, but I might want it someday.

Still waiting to see if my sister would rather have the iPhone SE for the same price.

We support all the T-Mobile, International, and Project Fi variants, as their bootloaders are unlockable, while we can’t support the Verizon and AT&T variants, as their bootloaders are permanently locked.

Mine can be unlocked, and it isn’t T-Mobile, International, or Project Fi. It’s the regular unlocked one. Bought from Newegg, for $250 or something.

I must be blind, can’t find the download links.

Well, if she doesn’t want it, I won’t have a phone to sell her. Going to keep the Moto X4. I may buy a different phone someday.

After, I backup the micro SD card, I’ll flash Lineage OS 15.1. Oh wait, I should probably unlock the stupid bootloader again. You use ADB Sideload to flash it, search Google, the first result is how to do it.