Finally got the AMD driver updated in Windows

Downloaded the new installer from AMD’s site, same version, but they must of fixed it for the new Windows 10 update. I updated using the Media Creation Tool, before they pulled it. Somehow I didn’t lose any files.

The FPS might drop more in Fortnite now. The latency isn’t high. Didn’t see Enhanced Sync. You can enable Vsync in the settings, but it doesn’t say Enhanced Vsync.

There’s supposed to be a Enhanced Sync setting under Vertical Sync, there isn’t for me. Does the AMD RX 470 not support Enhanced Sync? That’s pretty sad. Not that old of a card.

According to something on Google, the 400 and 500 series supports it. Apparently my AMD RX 470 is excluded.

There’s a FreeSync option, if you go to the game, not the global settings. Not under Vertical Sync, it has it’s own thing.