Fuck, God exists

They may show themselves as light, and give you unconditional love. You are supposed to give everybody unconditional love to the best of your ability.

Does that mean Hell exists too? If so, I’m screwed. Unless reincarnation is an option, I’ll ask for a third option, to test my luck. There won’t be any unconditional love in Hell.

What if you don’t know what love or unconditional love is? Will they spare you?

A neurosurgeon is all the proof I need that God and the after world exists. I was hoping only the after world, as God means there might be Hell. He was a neuro something. The part of his brain that would allow hallucinations was heavily damaged. He saw a birth sister he didn’t know ever existed, that died, they were on a butterfly or something.

Somebody said Jesus died for everybody’s sins. Can’t imagine that means lots of sins. If you sin almost everyday, then you are probably screwed.

Maybe I’ll live to be over 200, then I won’t know what Hell is anymore, from the lack of memory. I’ll think I’m in paradise when I finally die.

How do I get a psychic reading from Chip Coffee? I want to know if my dad has anything to say to me.