iOS is boring as fuck

The only good thing about the iPhone SE, is it’s fast, you can easily go to sites and read stuff on your phone, without it being slow as fuck. There is a third party browser for Android that speeds up browsing.

How do people keep their iPhones? I might keep mine till I can buy a Linux phone.

Oh and iOS’s do not disturb sucks, you can’t allow messages from contacts. In Android you can do that, and on an app basis override do not disturb, so your money app will make sound when you buy something.

I didn’t even think about do not disturb when switching to an iPhone. Surprising that they don’t have a more functional do not disturb.

The Librem 5 might ship in April of next year. Will I have 1k in my checking and savings by then? Keep 1k in my savings. Spend most of the money in my checking. What happens if I go over 2k total? Cause the phone is $600, and I still have rent and some other bills.

The OnePlus 6 might be slightly faster. Or slightly slower, don’t remember. The new one might be even faster. Cheaper then a Librem 5, but it has a shitty OS called Android. At least Android isn’t as boring as iOS, you do sell your soul to Google by using it though.