Killed my EmuNAND on Switch

By updating to 6.0.1, using ChoiDujourNX. Maybe the update file is bad. Or exFAT doesn’t work, going to format one to FAT32 and see if it boots then. And downgrade.

Nice, says EmuNAND is disabled now. Is that what the update does? Deletes EmuNAND? Nope, something on the other SD card is needed, don’t know what. Oh, probably the license. Or not, as it would of let me create an EmuNAND.

EmuNAND is enabled now, and it works, so the update killed exFAT. I copied the license.dat and some kip1 files to the other micro SD card. exFAT micro SD card still doesn’t work. Can’t update the official way, the Switch is banned from the internet.

Fixed, installed the 6.0.0 exFAT update. If I install 6.0.1 with exFAT will that work? To lazy to try. Maybe later.