The consciousness lives on

Just watch the episode of Expedition Unknown that he talks to people that experienced a “near” death experience. One lady was under water for 30 minutes, but didn’t die, when she was dead, she was told her oldest son, would die sometime near is 18th birthday. When he was 18, she told him, and he got hit by a car a year later and died.

There’s proof she got knowledge of the future. She didn’t get that out of her own mind. Or maybe she did.

There’s more after life episodes.

I’ll probably live a long time if I don’t get murdered, for not doing anything. Maybe I’ll make a world record. The man that never dies. Except, I’ll be unable to do anything once I’m that old.

Whatever you do, don’t believe in reincarnation, you’ll be respawning possibly millions of times.

That psychic knew somebody Josh knows died, I didn’t watch the next episode yet. I need to see a psychic, to see if my dad has anything to say.

They don’t ever mention animals, like dogs. That means being dead will blow, if none of my dogs are there. Dogs are better then people. No idea why dogs like people so much, most people are shit.

Some doctor proved out of body experiences, or near death experiences. When patients see the doctors working on them. They used some images or something, that they’d only be able to see if they are higher then their bed, can’t see it from the bed.

Finally got the AMD driver updated in Windows

Downloaded the new installer from AMD’s site, same version, but they must of fixed it for the new Windows 10 update. I updated using the Media Creation Tool, before they pulled it. Somehow I didn’t lose any files.

The FPS might drop more in Fortnite now. The latency isn’t high. Didn’t see Enhanced Sync. You can enable Vsync in the settings, but it doesn’t say Enhanced Vsync.

There’s supposed to be a Enhanced Sync setting under Vertical Sync, there isn’t for me. Does the AMD RX 470 not support Enhanced Sync? That’s pretty sad. Not that old of a card.

According to something on Google, the 400 and 500 series supports it. Apparently my AMD RX 470 is excluded.

There’s a FreeSync option, if you go to the game, not the global settings. Not under Vertical Sync, it has it’s own thing.

Cloud gaming might be the future

That’ll be a bummer to pirates. They’ll have to hack accounts, to get free access to games. Or hack the server and give themselves the games for free. Sounds like a lot of work to not pay for a game.

It’ll be a bummer to anyone with a metered connection, Comcast gives you 1 TB a month. That could be enough for one person, or not, depending on the compression.

I’ll be ditching Comcast as soon as I can get 5G home internet. I don’t care who brings it here first, I can always switch if a cheaper carrier brings it here. Probably will be priced fix, and it’ll cost $70 a month with no cell service. If T-Mobile offers 5G internet, I can pay my mom for it, so I can get a discount. If it’s only $50 a month, that’s better then Comcast. Unless it’s overloaded and only 1 Mbps.

Most game makers will like the Cloud, easier to prevent piracy. Might be the future of game consoles, you can get a cheap ass console if it’s in the cloud. That means you can own a Xbox and a PS. Without spending over $300. They could sell the cloud console for $100 or less. That might be how I get an Xbox. They are having a beta soon of their cloud tech. Looks like it works on tablets, will it work on the Apple TV? Also, if you have their cloud service, can you play PC games you own on the cloud for free? If I owned an Xbox One, I could play owned PC games on the Xbox One, no such feature for the PS4. Kind of lame you have to buy the game twice.

xCloud will exist as a service to allow console and PC gamers to take their games with them

From here. No need for an Xbox. Just a shitty Windows license.

To get rid of all stuttering in games

You need to use some kind of Vsync. The best is a monitor that does FreeSync or G-SYNC, depending on what video card you have.

Does my outdated AMD driver do Enhanced Sync?

Watching 50 minutes of Fallout 76 game play is more fun then booting Windows. Might not buy that game though, players can launch nukes. Were they playing on a console? The menus showed controller buttons, A being one, that’s an Xbox controller. Can’t imagine they’d play the PC version with a controller. Since it’s 4k, that leaves one console the Xbox One X. I watched it in 1440p, and my internet is to shitty for YouTube 1440p. Was the FPS drops whatever they were playing on? Or is my computer unable to play 1440p video in Linux? A AMD RX 460 should be plenty for video. I can play Torchlight 2 in 1440p. That’s got to be more demanding then video.

Comcast is probably throttling my internet.

You get a $10 credit if you pre order Fallout 76 on Amazon. Looks like it plays fine on a console, well the Xbox One X, which is more powerful then the PS4 Pro, I have the original PS4, the very first one. Cheaper to buy the PC version, shouldn’t need to pay for online play. Some games don’t require PS Plus on the PS4, like games that require the internet to play, possibly Fallout 76. I probably wouldn’t play with anybody. I’ll probably get shot a lot, for having one ugly fat character.

Bonjour will use IPv6 and IPv4

It won’t fallback to IPv4 if it finds nothing. Only solution is to disable IPv6 on the wireless VLAN. Or don’t isolate IPv6. You can’t disable IPv6 in iOS. I’ll keep the firewall rules for the wireless IPv6, in case somebody is crazy enough to give themselves an IPv6 address.

And it can’t connect again, even after turning the TV on and waking the Apple TV up. Probably need to reboot the switch that’s by the TV again. Maybe you don’t need to disable IPv6 on the VLAN. Rebooting the Apple TV works too.

It can connect again, after rebooting the Apple TV. The Apple TV doesn’t even have an IPv6 address. Hard to believe IPv6 enabled is the problem.

Shouldn’t the IPv6 firewall rules only affect IPv6?

Nice, if I ever need to use the remote app, I’ll have to reboot the Apple TV.

mdns-repeater might not support IPv6. Shouldn’t matter, don’t need it to. Don’t think the router is blocking it. Most likely a mdns-repeater problem. Or the other switch has connectivity problems. It’s actually allowing it, according to the firewall stats. Maybe the router needs to be rebooted.

Easy fix, you need to open UDP port 5353 on WIRELESS_LOCAL. Kind of odd that it works if I unplug the device and back in. Who knows how effective the firewall is. Well, somebody on WiFi probably wouldn’t have psychical access. And if they did, it’d be easier to plug an ethernet cable in, unless they break in, then leave. Now to see if IPv6 works.

         rule 3 {
             action accept
             description MDNS
             destination {
                 port 5353
             log disable
             protocol udp

Lucky I copied that from the original config, I restored an old backup. Which didn’t have MDNS or the Apple TV rules.

You don’t need to disable IPv6. You just need to open port 5353.

Does unplugging and back in work without MDNS? If so, you now know how to find your Apple TV without mdns-repeater. You just need to give your device access to the Apple TV on the other VLAN.

IPv6 took a dump on my computer. Probably need to reboot it, I did reboot the router and switch. That’s the easiest way to make it work right again.

Nope, the wireless and wired have the same range. That could be the problem.

Works on desktop now, after running “sudo dhcpcd br1”. I don’t use that bridge anymore, but I’m to lazy to undo it. Phone is working too, except ICMP is filtered now. I guess the router blocks some ICMP, and allows others.

The filtered could be a lie, says not supported, I have to reload until the test works again. Other test passed, the first time.

ET: Legacy

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was a fun game. Installing the 32bit ET: Legacy, from the AUR. Their site says the 64bit version isn’t compatible with 2.60b. The description on the AUR says it is. But it probably isn’t, if the official site says otherwise.

The game is probably still fun, thanks to the game play, the outdated graphics doesn’t make it a bad game.

You shouldn’t need a good video card to play it, you could probably play with Intel video if you have an Intel CPU.

Got it installed, lots of dependencies.

Nice, Jaymod doesn’t work. Tried joining a server, and it crashed. All the ET: Legacy servers are empty.

Download Jaymod from their site. And put all the files in ~/.etlegacy/jaymod.

The graphics are pretty outdated. And I suck at it.

No Man’s Sky is more fun, not the same kind of game though.

No wonder I was doing better, all bots, look at their ping. That explains why they all try going out the door at the same time. I got stuck several times in the doorway. No people are playing it right now.

Pretty cheesy by today’s standards. If playing against real people was as easy as bots, then it’d be fun. Though I could get a ton of XP on that server, it’s an XP save server. Then if humans join, I’ll have lots of XP.

Everybody must be playing new games. That’s a bummer, ET works in Linux without Wine/Proton/Crossover.

Sexual misconduct and non impartial is fine for the Supreme Court

They confirmed the guy, one democrat voted yes too. Maybe they’ll legalize sexual misconduct, might as well.

He can still be impeached. If enough democrats get in office, or non corrupt republicans, they can get rid of him.

He isn’t impartial because he said the democrats are the source of the allegations. No Supreme Court nominee should ever say shit like that. The Supreme Court isn’t for politics, it’s for the constitution.

IPv6 is working, and VLANs isolated

For the isolation, go here.

Zone policy doesn’t work, wouldn’t get an IPv6 address, and would block my computer from the internet after a while. The local network worked, but no internet.

Rebooted, now no IPv6 address. Looks like I forgot to add the DHCPv6 firewall rule.

ICMP is filtered in Windows, not in Linux, or my phone. It was with the firewall off too. Guess Windows doesn’t like ICMP.

Look at that, IPv6 works

I modified the commands from here.

One problem, how do I block IPv6 Wired to Wireless and vice versa? We can’t have that.

If you aren’t using a switch interface, the last two set commands are below.

set interfaces ethernet eth2 vif xxx ipv6 router-advert prefix ::/64
set interfaces ethernet eth2 vif xxx ipv6 router-advert prefix ::/64

I can ping my phone. Don’t know how to add the firewall rules. Google sucks for finding documentation. I wasn’t born knowing the commands it uses, you can’t do IPv6 in the web GUI.

Their forum is useless. I know how to show it, but how do I edit it? You don’t, that’s how. Unless you want to figure out what all the commands are, shouldn’t have to reverse engineer it. Post your config, that’s helpful. I can only run set commands, and nobody posts what they are.

Use a question mark when typing the set command.

You can’t block it the same way. Instructions here. You need a calculator, that doesn’t tell you how they got the numbers. Search for IPv6 calculator.

Looks like wired to wireless doesn’t work now. Or maybe it does, the IP changed. Nope, didn’t work. Use “::01:0:0:0:0/::ff:0:0:0:0”, like they said. Nope, might need to reboot it. Killing IPv6 all together works.

Good luck, the best way is to use zones. Looks to complicated.

Well, it’s using zones, but had to delete the firewall. No IPv6 setup anymore. None of it makes sense, as I can’t comprehend anything anymore.

I can ping my iPhone. Before that was blocked, their zone config is incomplete.

IPv6 no longer works. Don’t know how to enable it with zone policies. Zone policies might be more simple though. I killed the internet on my desktop, had to reboot. Probably because of the IPv6 addresses.

Don’t use zone policies. The internet on my desktop dies, reboot computer, and it works again. I just restored an old backup, should of made a backup before messing with it. Now I have to add some stuff to the firewall. That’ll have to wait till I wake up.

According to UniFi WiFi Metrics, somebody is on my WiFi when I’m gone

I should get an email every time somebody connects. I have looked at UniFi on my phone, and nobody has been on it when I’m not home.

So the metrics might be broken. Google doesn’t find any info on what new, existing, or disconnected means. New sounds like a device not known, existing something that has connected in the past. A new device connected when I was gone, and then disconnected. Apparently random passwords are useless.

If I go to statistics, only my iPhone has ever been on it. If I go to alerts, there isn’t an alert for somebody connecting when gone. Should have an alert even if they clone my phone’s MAC address. Unless, they connect right when I’m leaving.

I need to setup IPv6 on my router, you can’t do it from the web GUI. You might be able to, if you go to Config Tree. I’m to lazy to do it.