T-Mobile is better then Cricket

You can forward unanswered calls to Google Voice. That means voice mail in one location. If you enter the code on Cricket, instead of forwarding, it’ll say the number isn’t in service or something.

More data too, if you need it. I’ve only used 87.3 MB so far. Mostly from speed tests.

Windows 10 is shit

Want to lock yourself out? Tell DDU to reboot into safe mode, if you’ve never logged in with a password, your password will be “incorrect”. A pin is easier to type then my password.

Oh and the command somebody said to run “bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot”, doesn’t work, zero ID called current. Type “bcdedit /enum”, and look for the safeboot, then the ID somewhere above it. If “/enum” isn’t right, type “bcdedit /?”. Mine was default, so the command is “bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot”.

I booted from an old Windows ISO, I just updated to the big October update. Probably should of downloaded the ISO, before messing with the video driver, it’s back to normal now, and that’s without restoring my old windows version backup, the backup was made last night, I think.

In my case, I need a driver to see the C drive, so act like you are installing, click custom, load the driver, then click Shift F10, and type C: and then run the bcdedit command.

Oh and to get the Administrator account working, type “net user Administrator password /active:yes”, you have to set a password, if you don’t, you’ll need to brute force it. I originally enabled it by regedit, booted from the ISO. I used the password “password”. I don’t care what the password is.

The AMD driver won’t install the Settings part, it fails. I wanted to try using the overlay thing. I’ll just keep the 2017 driver. Don’t click update on your video card, it “updated” to a 2016 driver, that doesn’t work.

AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 12V/3A Power Adapter better then StarTech

Movies drive is faster, think the read speed was 150 MB/s or less. Now it’s around 170 MB/s. Writing to a NVMe SSD, the bottleneck is USB and the movies drive.

The design kind of sucks on the Amazon branded one, the power port is on the side of it, and the port for the cable going to computer.

It’s $31.49 on Amazon.

My card reader might work better now too. The StarTech hub might have issues, I did buy it on eBay for less then other sites. Could be a compatibility problem.

150 might of been the write speed before. Need to find a big file on my NVMe SSD and copy it. 1.2 GB not big enough, didn’t say the speed. Using a terminal to copy, and the right command, might tell you. Good idea, use dd.

dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=10024 conv=fdatasync,notrunc status=progress
10408165376 bytes (10 GB, 9.7 GiB) copied, 69 s, 151 MB/s

10024+0 records in
10024+0 records out
10510925824 bytes (11 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 97.8338 s, 107 MB/s

Why did it say 151 MB/s while doing it, then after it was done 107 MB/s?

dd if=tempfile of=/dev/null bs=1M count=10024 status=progress
10471079936 bytes (10 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 62 s, 169 MB/s
10024+0 records in
10024+0 records out
10510925824 bytes (11 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 62.2381 s, 169 MB/s

That is after running “echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches” as root.

The speed said 107 MB/s, because it just sat there after it got to 10 GB, took a while for it to finish. That’s why I clicked enter, was wondering why it wasn’t done yet.

Nobody gives a fuck about Linux?

That means all those who do are nobody. Somebody posted that on GBAtemp.net. Linux is a way better developer OS. They should of said nobody gives a fuck about Windows.

They are trying to start a flame war. There’s plenty of people that use Linux. GBAtemp itself might be hosted on Linux.

Somebody said NSP is better in every imaginable way then XCI. If you convert your own backup to NSP, will it have the cert from the XCI? If not, they forgot to mention that.

Then again, you don’t really need the cert, you’ll get banned if you go online with a hacked Switch. Running homebrew and not games will get you banned as well.

They claim NSP is faster, that could be the case. I like my XCIs. And my “fake” EmuNAND.


That’s who makes the iPhone SIM Unlock Adapter from imeiauthority.com.

I know, because in my settings under Cellular, if you click SIM card applications, or something like that, it says GF Sim 2nd gen 4. If you go to gfsim.com, you’ll see anybody can resell it, with whatever brand they want.

So you can make a new brand called iSmack. Or iPiss, or iFart.

You have to order 100 from them, that’s $200 + $30 shipping. How about iSpank?

Not using the adapter anymore, somehow my phone is still unlocked without it. WiFi calling on T-Mobile doesn’t work with the adapter, there’s no option to enable it. Apple may of changed something in iOS 12.

You don’t need WiFi if your modem and/or router is across the house from your computer

Pay somebody to install ethernet in the walls. Problem solved. Probably costs more then a low lag gaming router, but well worth the money, WiFi sucks period. WiFi isn’t secure, you have to change your password every so often, and if WPS is enabled at all, they can get your password in four hours.

That’s why you need WiFi on it’s own VLAN. When somebody gets on, they can’t access your wired network. I should actually require everything on WiFi to login, my phone is the only thing on my WiFi. Login in a browser. That’ll annoy the hacker. They’ll have to brute force that too.

AMD is the reason No Man’s Sky doesn’t work in Linux using Steam Play

See here. Crossover is based on the same thing as Proton, which Steam Play uses.

Funny though, it works in Windows with AMD. Guess the open source AMD driver is incompatible with pro NVIDIA written software, Wine is pro NVIDIA.

I’m to cheap to buy a NVIDIA card. I’ll wait for the Intel dedicated video cards. Will the Intel cards have vGPU? Then no more passthrough bullshit. Just one video card.

Somehow my iPhone SE got permanently unlocked

Trying to get WiFi calling to work. So I entered a new ICCID, but it never tried to reactivate, rebooted too. Now to see if it’s really unlocked for good, take the T-Mobile SIM card out, shut it off, and turn it back on.

No idea how it would be unlocked officially. I never asked Straight Talk/TF to unlock it. Maybe iOS 12 unlocked it. And I didn’t even know.

WiFi calling is enabled now though.

You have to spend over $500 to get a phone as fast as the iPhone SE. Might as well buy an iPhone 7.

If it is still unlocked after shutting down with no SIM card, then the only way to find out for sure, is by resetting it, and see if it’s still unlocked.

Still unlocked, it’s a miracle, TF unlocked my $55 refurbished iPhone SE, I did pay for two months of service, you have to buy a month, and then I got mad removed Cricket SIM card, and bent the adapter when putting it back in, so paid for another month. I have two adapters, I bought two more so if one bends, I’d have one.

To lazy to reset my phone, to see if it does what my mom’s phone did, with iOS before 12, you have to reset the phone to get it unlocked.

How do I deactivate my phone? Then a new SIM card should popup the activation.

I backed it up, to lazy to reset it though. Don’t want to lose my no adapter unlock. No idea how it got unlocked. Before removing the adapter would require reactivating it. I put the SIM card in at my mom’s, and it didn’t reactivate, I was surprised I didn’t need to enter a new ICCID.

Only the single core score matters on a phone. Under 1,000 is slow, like the Moto X4. The iPhone SE gets 2533. The X4 is fast enough with a custom ROM. But Motorola massively screwed up on the X4.

The activation server is online, so that’s not the cause of the free unlock.

Apparently that adapter works with unlocked phones too, not sure why you’d want to do that though. I have a US Mobile Verizon SIM card, Verizon is what the Straight Talk SIM card uses. That might tell you if it’s really unlocked.

Just don’t update iOS and I should be good to go. Oh yeah, I forgot to measure my penis with the Measure app.

Well, now I really won’t buy an unlocked refurbished iPhone 7 from Apple. It’ll be funny, if I’m not home, and it isn’t unlocked anymore. That’ll be a short lived no adapter unlock.

50 GB of non needed cell data

T-Mobile gives you 50 GB before they throttle you. It’s faster then Cricket, if you don’t use the Fast app. Netflix owns Fast, and T-Mobile does low quality streaming from Netflix I think, might not count towards data. Is that how they do it? By limiting it to 1.4 Mbps, it was 1.2 Mbps at my mom’s.

To bad nobody offers home internet on 4G LTE, I’d use it. Not on T-Mobile, the other app gets 2.08 Mbps. Apparently one bar means a slow connection.

The ping is low enough for games, 100 ms max and it’s low enough. 34 ms or something to Fast.

Does the ping change if you were to test it constantly? Or if you were playing a game? Is under 2 Mbps fast enough for online games? Now it’s under 1 Mbps.

The speed doesn’t really matter, the ping does though. Dialup probably doesn’t work for online games.

T-Mobile might be overloaded in my area.

Reset network settings, around 8 Mbps now, more bars too.

Still no WiFi calling option. Bars went down, after connecting to WiFi, and still sucky after disconnecting WiFi.

Got around 20 Mbps in the bathroom, after 10 pm. Possibly 10:30 pm. That means a ton of people in this area use T-Mobile. Or the signal is better in the bathroom, looked like the same amount of bars.