The only thing good about the Moto X4

The screen is bigger then the iPhone SE’s.

Don’t think I like any phones anymore. Android sucks just as much as iOS.

Should of made a backup of the iPhone before resetting it, I have an outdated backup. The iPhone might be worth more though. Might as well sell it.

How slow is the Moto X4?

Under 900 for the single core score, over 2000 for the iPhone SE. No custom kernel, but Lineage OS 15.1. You get a higher score if you use the custom kernel, assuming it still works.


WiFi calling might work on T-Mobile, I enabled it.

Buy the Mi Box for $60, and sell the Apple TV. Kind of pointless having an Apple TV, with no iOS devices. Do universal remotes work with it? Without a USB adapter?

Credit union app blows ass on Android

No pasting support, no auto fill support. That means typing a random password.

That’s right, you have to type something, select all, then paste. Worse app ever.

Got a working do not disturb mode now. Sucks the phone is slower. To bad you can’t get an iPhone with Android.

Reset iPhone, going to see if the T-Mobile SIM card still works in it.

Computer seems blazing fast now. And using the iPhone SE is hard, with it’s tiny screen. T-Mobile SIM card still works in it.

Don’t use Android 9 on the Moto X4

The custom ROMs for 9, don’t support the headphone jack. I don’t use the headphone jack, but I might want it someday.

Still waiting to see if my sister would rather have the iPhone SE for the same price.

We support all the T-Mobile, International, and Project Fi variants, as their bootloaders are unlockable, while we can’t support the Verizon and AT&T variants, as their bootloaders are permanently locked.

Mine can be unlocked, and it isn’t T-Mobile, International, or Project Fi. It’s the regular unlocked one. Bought from Newegg, for $250 or something.

I must be blind, can’t find the download links.

Well, if she doesn’t want it, I won’t have a phone to sell her. Going to keep the Moto X4. I may buy a different phone someday.

After, I backup the micro SD card, I’ll flash Lineage OS 15.1. Oh wait, I should probably unlock the stupid bootloader again. You use ADB Sideload to flash it, search Google, the first result is how to do it.

Raisin Bran might really have fiber

Ate some before bed last night or morning, whatever time it was. The shit just slid right out when I went, not runny, just came out nice and easy.

Maybe I should get vegetables. But if all it takes is Raisin Bran, no point in buying vegetables.

BuyVM allows all legal content

There was a racist site a journalist wanted them to take offline, they didn’t do so.

There’s a social networking site that had to find new hosting, because their host didn’t want to be associated with a hate site. Is hate speech legal? Apparently, they also have 700,000 members. That’s a lot of hate.

All legal content, means legal porn is allowed.

They allow Tor too, just follow the rules. That includes exit nodes. They don’t like censorship.

Can I get Android Pie for my Moto X4? A custom ROM is fine. iOS is boring, and the iPhone SE has a small screen, like my dong. Should ask my sister if she’d rather have an iPhone SE for $100. Yes you can. That’s cheaper then $549. Use it till I decide what phone I want, Linux would be the best, but that’s $600, and slower then the $549 phone.

Neighbor spoofers

Now they are using numbers that you’ll find on Google. Don’t know anybody that rents stuff in California.

You’d think they would make spoofing not possible, but it looks like nobody cares.

Junk science?

That’s what the prosecutor for Steven Avery said about his lawyer’s new evidence. Actually, it was basically the prosecutors word over Steven’s. Their evidence was junk. The bullet has no blood or bone on it. Are they going to argue it fell off? Well, they can argue it never went in somebody’s head.

Why does he care so much about the case? What does he have against Steven? Anyone with a brain, will see that they screwed up. They weren’t supposed to be on the property, oh and her ex bf was on the property too.

Apparently those aren’t red flags to the judge.

You investigate everybody, not exclusively one person. Why didn’t they investigate her ex? He should of been on the top of the list. Be pretty stupid thing for Avery to do what they said, after he was proven innocent the first time.

Actually, having a prosecutor doing what he’s doing, shows something isn’t right. Why doesn’t he talk about the text he sent to a domestic violence victim? That would seem more appropriate.

In my opinion, the evidence they provided was junk science. Not everybody is going to believe you because you are the law. Lots of corruption in America, who knows what you can believe.

If he was smart, he wouldn’t comment on any of it.