I'd buy TCL over Samsung any day

Not perfect, but good enough, and cheaper. If you want to pay a premium for a brand name, be my guest.

Not sure HDR does much on my cheap TV though, you might have to pay more to get better HDR. The brightness might not be high enough for HDR. Or I’m blind as a bat. Wait long enough, and the cheaper TVs will have better HDR.

I’ll buy a new TV when whatever is after 8k comes out. I’ll skip 8k.

4k is kind of useless, the most content would be games, that requires a long HDMI cable, and a video card capable of 4k, or a PS4 Pro, or a Xbox One X.

Maybe there’s more 4k if you pay for cable. You can get movies in 4k, I can’t play em though. Either need a new drive for my computer, or a ultra HD blu-ray player.

Who's voice was that?

I was sleeping a long time ago, and somebody was talking through me, I didn’t recognize the voice. Sounded older then me.

They were calming me down, I was probably dreaming about water. It worked, but I’ve been wondering who’s voice that was ever since.

I’ve heard my voice in a recording, didn’t sound like the voice I heard while sleeping.

But that brings another question, why would anyone want to calm me while sleeping? I could see calming somebody worth something down. But a pile of shit, doesn’t make sense.

Why does he randomly contact me?

Said to stay in touch, which is pointless, he doesn’t respond to texts.

I said I’d help him look for a TV, he listened to the sales person instead, who gets more money if he buys a Samsung.

There’s no point in responding to him in the future if he wants to go have breakfast or something.

Windows Defender doesn't prevent infections?

That’s what some guy I had breakfast with months ago said.

I doubt that’s true, people wouldn’t recommend it, if that was the case. Most sites say it’s all you need.

I kept uncompressing a file, and it kept deleting it, didn’t even get to try and run it. Pretty sure that was a false positive, it was for the Wii U. But it was made in a weird way, they changed it, and now it isn’t detected as malware.

You know what anti malware he uses? McAfee. That used to be the worst anti malware. They basically bundle that with pre built computers.

Windows Defender wasn’t always that great, but it’s good enough now.

Just search Google for free anti virus or anti malware, most sites say Windows Defender is good enough, or at least it did last time I looked.

Windows Defender has a sandbox feature, it has the less privileged process do the dangerous work, so if there’s a bug in Windows Defender, they can’t compromise your entire computer. You have to enable it from a command prompt. To lazy, and I may never boot my Windows VM again.


To get a slab for my slice, I have to join LowEndTalk, which requires telling them why you want to join. Do I have to wait for them to approve my membership? Probably.

Need to PM the owner of BuyVM, to get a slab. What about sending a ticket? Or joining their chat room?

Think I’ll just wait till I can pay for it.

Maybe she wants my iPhone SE instead

iOS gets boring faster then Android. But if I sell it, then I’ll be stuck with a Moto X4. That requires a custom ROM, if you want it to be faster then the stock ROM.

How long till the PinePhone comes out? Either that, or the Librem 5.

How does changing Linux distros on a phone work? I’m sure people will make phone tailored distros. Easier then making an Android ROM. If it doesn’t rely on anything closed source.

System76 open computer will start at $1,100

Doesn’t say what kind of CPU. Intel and I won’t buy one. Most likely Intel, they are Intel fanboys, that’s all they sell.

I’d pay $1,100 for a low end ARM CPU computer. That’s not Intel or AMD. But it’s probably Intel. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t Intel.

I lied, they sell an ARM server. Guess not everything is Intel, just no AMD. Why do they hate AMD so much?


Red Dead Redemption has HDR in 1080p

Most HDR content is 4k only. It’s the only game I have with 1080p HDR, I think. Don’t have a PS4 Pro, so no 4k for me.

Don’t think my HDMI USB recording thing does HDR. I know it doesn’t do 4k. Do they make a 4k HDR one? Just record on the PS4 itself.

Lazy dog

Didn’t get up till 11:30 am, she was still sleeping when I got up. Surprised she didn’t wake me up. Or maybe she tried, and I didn’t wake up.

Xorg vulnerability

Looks like I already have the version with the fix. All it did was disable two command line arguments if running it as root. That doesn’t seem like a good fix. Rewrite the commands, so it can’t be exploited. That would take longer.

Or don’t run Xorg as root. Manjaro runs it as root, I checked.

How long does it take to get an email to reset my Rockstar password?

Password I have saved doesn’t work. Still no email with instructions for resetting. The companion app for Red Dead Redemption 2 might be useless without logging in.

I do wonder how the password got changed. Maybe they deleted my account.

Figured out the password. There was an HTML character entity in it.

You have to link an account for the app to be fully usable. Can’t do that till tomorrow.

Got two reset emails, don’t need them anymore.

Would people turn their heaters down?

Can’t turn the AC on, there’s probably ice in it. Can’t open a window, then somebody can get it without breaking the window. That’s a death sentence, they’ll come in with a machete, and slay me.

I could turn a fan on in the living room, but it’s loud. And if it semi breaks, when I’m not home, somebody might complain. It’s even louder when that happens. Or maybe it’ll set itself on fire.

Did Apple ever update the Mac Mini?

Don’t think so. Maybe at their event they will. They should ditch Intel on it, and use their custom chip. I won’t buy it if it’s using Intel. Intel fanboys are liars. Wasted money a new motherboard and CPU, possibly RAM too, and the old computer ran games better. So, no the Intel 6100 isn’t better then the AMD 6300, at least not for games. Maybe for benchmarks.

I had a custom Intel hackintosh, the CPU didn’t seem that great on that either. Had a NUC too, sold it on eBay.

Other Intel products are fine, like network cards, SSDs. No need to pay a premium for a CPU that isn’t better.

Why would I buy anything on Black Friday?

Probably nothing will be on sale that I want. I’d buy a NVMe SSD for $65, 50% off. Something I read said SSD prices might go down next year, think it said by 50%, does that apply to all SSDs? I won’t pay more then $65, well maybe a dollar more.

I might pay $130 for a 960 GB NVMe SSD. Amazon’s site is slow as fuck right now.

iOS gets boring after a while

Just like Android. No boredom with Linux. When do the PinePhones come out? My iPhone might be fast, but it’s boring.

Why did I pre order Red Dead Redemption 2?

Should of pre ordered on Amazon, probably no pre loading, but I could of cancelled before they charged me.

Most video games require thinking. Fortnite doesn’t require much thinking, but they got rid of the 50v50, that means I’ll place over 90. No chance if it isn’t 50v50.

If you like zero day vulnerabilities, Windows is what you want.

People are already playing it? Thought it didn’t come out till tomorrow? So if I change my timezone, I should be able to play it? Should of changed it’s time the day it downloaded.

No slab beta for me from BuyVM?

They’ve started handing out volumes. I haven’t gotten one yet, I did signup for the beta a long time ago, on their Google Docs.

With a slab, I can move my pictures to my slice.


Is it open source like the Librem 5? I wanted their Pinebook, but never bought it. Probably slow. Just like me.

It should be way cheaper then the Librem 5. Might buy it, if it’s to slow, I’ll keep it as a backup. But I won’t get the cheapest model.

Does the Raspberry Pi Parsec work on the Pinebook? That would be a cheap device for game streaming.

They are also going to make tablets.


Gabapentin might of been doing something

Ran out of it. It was most likely helping me sleep, takes two melatonins to fall a sleep now, food doesn’t help. End up not falling a sleep until after 1 am. Anxiety is worse, but that might be because the doctor changed the prescription on the busPIRone, I was taking it in the morning and afternoon, the new bottle says two once a day. If I take it in the morning and afternoon, I’ll run out sooner, and won’t be able to order it right away. Then I’ll be taking none for a while.

Corsair Force Series™ MP510 480GB M.2 SSD

Not out yet, same price as the MyDigitalSSD 480 GB M.2 SSD. Corsair has been around longer. The Corsair should be available by the time I have enough money. I may never buy a new NVMe SSD though. My slow Intel NVMe SSD still works. More space would be nice though. Got to save my money till I get evicted.

The 240 GB Corsair MP510 is only $66. About the same size as the one I have. Faster though.