The PinePhone might only cost $100

Doesn’t sound like there will be a better model, that means the Librem 5 is the only Linux phone I’d buy.

A OnePlus 6T is cheaper then the Librem 5, but you are Google’s product if you use Android. Google sells your data, gets hacked, they are a high value target for hackers. I should switch my email provider. But I’m lazy.

What do I need a phone for anyways?



That drug can kill you, or medicine as they call it. Whatever your real intention, is what will happen. What he said his intentions were, didn’t answer that.

It would actually kill me if that’s the case. They might not give me ayahuasca. You’d have to go to a different country to get it too.

He said something about everything going in a blender and being recycled. That sounds like reincarnation, that’s a bummer.

That’s on Expedition Unknown.

Oh and if you don’t let go, you won’t go to heaven or hell, if either exists. You’ll be a ghost instead. There’s three options then, Hell, reincarnation, ghost.

If you take that drug, you’ll puke and possibly shit yourself at the same time.

What if you don’t know what your intention is? To bat shit crazy and low IQ to even know what intention means? It’ll probably just kill you in that case.

Some guy after the search, said it was like 10 years worth of psychotherapy. If it kills you, you got a lifetime of psychotherapy.

You can get 50% off the OnePlus 6T on T-Mobile

That’s the network I’m on. Says something about 24 months of credit or something. Not exactly 50% off.

It costs $549 without any discounts. Doubt you pay 50% less when you buy from T-Mobile. They just give you lame credit, oh and you have to trade something in.

C-80410102 PS4 App

Separate VLAN, got it to show the PS4, but get that error, and nobody on Google knows anything about it.

If using a Edge router, you can find instructions here.

set service bcast-relay id 1 description 'PS4 broadcast'
set service bcast-relay id 1 interface eth2.xxxxxx
set service bcast-relay id 1 interface eth2.xxxxxx
set service bcast-relay id 1 port 987

Those are the commands I used, after installing the broadcast thing. Do you need to broadcast on eth2 itself? Don’t think so, wouldn’t show up on my phone if that was the case. There are firewall rules, to allow my phone and PS4 to communicate. No idea what that error is.

Rebooting router didn’t do anything. Bad idea, forgot something is recording. Can’t see any network traffic from the PS4. Using Wireshark. Did a network test on PS4, now I can see something. It never tries connecting to the PS4’s actual IP.

Added eth2, now my phone can’t find it. It can’t broadcast on eth2, probably doesn’t have an IP.

I’m guessing the App is crap on iOS. Or I need to reboot my phone. Turning WiFi on and off should be enough, but it doesn’t change anything. The router’s firewall isn’t blocking anything.

Same error. To bad Sony doesn’t tell you what the error means.

Doesn’t work on my Moto X4 either, shows it, but I think it gets the same error.


What’s wrong with that? Use some scissors and cut em off, if you don’t like em. Bugs in my hair, go to the hair cutting place, and have them clean my head for me. I thought you got dreadlocks if you didn’t wash your hair. Apparently not combing will do the trick. I’ll probably just cut it all off with scissors. That’s better then the hair cutting place, they’ll try talking to you.

iOS is boring as fuck

The only good thing about the iPhone SE, is it’s fast, you can easily go to sites and read stuff on your phone, without it being slow as fuck. There is a third party browser for Android that speeds up browsing.

How do people keep their iPhones? I might keep mine till I can buy a Linux phone.

Oh and iOS’s do not disturb sucks, you can’t allow messages from contacts. In Android you can do that, and on an app basis override do not disturb, so your money app will make sound when you buy something.

I didn’t even think about do not disturb when switching to an iPhone. Surprising that they don’t have a more functional do not disturb.

The Librem 5 might ship in April of next year. Will I have 1k in my checking and savings by then? Keep 1k in my savings. Spend most of the money in my checking. What happens if I go over 2k total? Cause the phone is $600, and I still have rent and some other bills.

The OnePlus 6 might be slightly faster. Or slightly slower, don’t remember. The new one might be even faster. Cheaper then a Librem 5, but it has a shitty OS called Android. At least Android isn’t as boring as iOS, you do sell your soul to Google by using it though.

You don’t have to pay your bounty in Red Dead Redemption 2

I accidentally shot a guy, you have to press circle to punch, not R2. Then I decided to kill them, and loot them. They killed my horse, and me. Then I accidentally got on the wrong horse, which is stealing, I surrendered, and they took my $15 or so. You get to see him in jail. You don’t actually get to move around in your cell and stuff though.

If you don’t have enough to pay it, surrender and you’ll have no money but not bounty. Or run away and get killed.

The first bounty was $30, then the second one added $20. I was trying to sell a necklace, but the general store doesn’t buy them apparently. What happens if you have $0 and surrender?

Games are hard to play with a low IQ.

If SSD prices go down enough in 2019

I can get a 1 TB one for my PS4. Don’t think the PS4 will get the full speed out of it, still would be faster then the Western Dick in it. I have one of those in my desktop too, that’s how I know it’s slow.

The Fedora config kernel might not be that great

“Upgraded” to 4.19.0-3-MANJARO, the only difference is the config, and the 3 is greater then 2.

Computer might seem faster. Didn’t actually look at the kernel config I was using. There’s also patches in the Manjaro kernel. I commented all that out in the PKGBUILD with the Fedora config.

Doesn’t really matter what kernel I use, probably won’t boot Windows anytime soon. Also, who knows if the Fedora config is really better then the Manjaro config for VMs. Setting “CONFIG_HZ_1000” to “y” in the Manjaro kernel is probably all you’d have to do.

Does DisplayPort audio work now? No issues so far with the motherboard’s audio.

A bunch of other stuff was updated too though.

In the latest Manjaro kernel, 4.19, CONFIG_HZ_1000 is set to y. So you might not need a custom kernel anymore. Compiling the latest kernel, to impatient to wait for Manjaro to release an update.

The justice system in the US is corrupt

Steven Avery is still sitting in prison. The judge denied it. There was over 1,000 pages in the motion his lawyer submitted.

Just search his name on Google, there’s an article from two days ago that says where he is. Didn’t finish watching part two of Making a Murderer yet.

The bullet had no bone fragments, so what they said killed her, was a lie.

Well, I doubt either of them will get out of prison. His nephew might on parole.

The state will have a lot of outrage, if they are found not guilty. But I guess putting innocent people in prison, is better then putting the real killer in prison.

Not just one state, judges in other states will be in favor of the prosecution too.

The outrage will be that the cops are crooks. If a judge sees that, then the public won’t be to happy. Or they’ll just continue believing the prosecution and outraged because a maniac rapist is loose.

They knew they wouldn’t get a confession from Steven. They didn’t the first time, and he was found not guilty. They took advantage of his nephew, ruining two lives is fine.