There might be ice in my AC

I put it on standby, sounded like glass or something in it. Probably ice. Don’t need the heater on, everybody’s heat goes up into my apartment. That would melt the ice though. If there is ice.

My existence is a lie

More of a lie then religion. If there’s no after life, life in itself shouldn’t exist. Aliens wouldn’t make life, if there was no after life or reincarnation. What would be the point? They probably wouldn’t exist either. As there’d be no point in anything. Either way, there’s no point in anything for me.

If God exists, why would they make me live in this shitty world?

Just look at what law enforcement does, so they don’t have to fully investigate, put people that did nothing in prison for life. The lawyers that represented Steven Avery the second time didn’t even call in experts. He’s had at least four constitution violations. I’m guessing courts don’t take nicely to constitution violations.

Glad I’m not a judge, or a lawyer. To stupid anyways. And I don’t exist, so it wouldn’t matter anyways.

Now to switch this theme to Bootstrap. By editing the CSS, and including Bootstrap and then editing the PHP files.

There’s the problem, the Bootstrap CSS was the wrong version. Should update to work with the newest Bootstrap, to bad I’m to lazy and stupid. For some reason, I thought I did that. Apparently not.

It’s half ass done. The sidebar isn’t right. Neither is the pagination. Nice, need the pagination CSS, doesn’t exist in the CSS file. Need to rename it, because WordPress is a dick. There might be an updated CSS in the database, to bad I’m to lazy to restore the other site to see.

Easier way, tell it to output to an array. Then I don’t have to copy CSS from Bootstrap. And rename it, and wonder how to add a li class, when it doesn’t say there’s an option to.

Pretty sure the CSS is outdated. Going to have to restore the other site tomorrow, and see if it has a different CSS.

Law enforcement doesn't care about catching the real criminal

At least not in the US. As long as somebody, or something as law enforcement sees them, is doing time, they simply don’t care. You have to do law enforcement’s job, to get an innocent person out.

The likely killer is her ex boyfriend. At least I almost know who killed her now. Just got to watch the rest, and then wait to see if he gets charged. Why was he going on the Avery property? Everybody close to her is supposed to be a suspect, until they can remove them.

You’d think by the words “law enforcement”, they’d enforce the law. Nope, the real killer isn’t in prison, just people the law doesn’t like.

OnePlus might have the first 5G phone

The current one is as fast or faster then my iPhone SE. But it’s running Android. Probably slower then the newer iPhones. Unless your anti Apple, then everything they do is slow, even Macs with Intel CPUs.

Benchmarks prove otherwise. Better off with the Linux phone, no Android, or iOS. Probably slower then my iPhone SE though. No 5G either. slow? is slow right now. So I edited the PKGBUILD to download from Problem solved, the checksum is different though. Got to update to 4.19, maybe it isn’t as buggy as the RC releases. I get audio out of my DisplayPort with 4.19, not anything older. That means I can keep the soundbase on the same input, for Windows and Linux. Monitor has audio out.

It’ll use the Fedora RC 4.19 config. Somebody said Fedora’s config is more default like. Which apparently makes Windows VMs work better. Switching to Fedora, wouldn’t require compiling every new kernel. To much work though.

Looks like DisplayPort audio has issues, cuts out or something. Damn, not DisplayPort issue, did it with the sound on the motherboard too, it happens on YouTube. Music not as much. Might happen when the CPU has a load on it.

Brady violation

There was one in the Steven Avery case. Not surprising. Law enforcement in his area, might be the most corrupt in the US.

Now she’s not sure if the cops didn’t plant evidence. She thought somebody else did, not the cops.

Nope, not the most corrupt. That goes to New York. Somebody was accused of stealing a backpack, they couldn’t pay bail, so they got to go in solitary confinement in Strong Island, which they shut down. I think it was called Strong Island. He ended up murdering himself, because the people that are supposed to protect people, drove him mad by putting him in solitary confinement. He wouldn’t take a plea bargain or confess, why would he? He didn’t do it. They kept delaying his court, so he got to stay in solitary confinement instead. They were suing the state, but they knew his mom was in bad health, so they delayed that too, until she died, he murdered himself before she died.

Most people would of taken a plea deal. Cause they don’t want to stay at Strong Island.

Thoughts are automatic?

Very little thoughts are automatic when I’m alone in my apartment. No point in arguing with the counselor about it. I got rid of the only automatic thoughts I had when I was in middle school. Not everybody’s brain is the same.

Non automatic OCD, not really OCD now is it? I get more automatic thoughts when I’m sleeping then when I’m awake. As long as I don’t look at anybody, there’s no automatic thoughts.

Being disconnected from reality is great.

Religion is a lie

According to Atheists. There’d be no point in life or anything, if you cease to exist when dying. Maybe whatever you believe happens. In that case, I have no idea what will happen to me. I’m not settled on one belief. Some people get reincarnated, some go to an after world, with God. Now if there’s Hell, I might be given a choice, Hell or reincarnation. What about reincarnation with my memories?

If you cease to exist, how come you can leave your body? You should be confined to your body, if that’s the case. I almost left my body once, the dog barked and woke me up. I didn’t plan on returning.

Water might taste funny

Every time I test the water it’s 0, you aren’t supposed to have to change it till it says 006. I got a new water tester, and it says 0 too.

Update Tested with the old meter, said 004, then waited longer 006, then when wiping it off, 071. Looks like the new meter is super slow, or doesn’t do 00x. The new one just says 0 on it when you turn it on, the old one says 000.

No more filters left now. I had a two pack.

Netflix looks better then HDHomeRun's Premium TV

Does HDHomeRun plan on releasing a new box that supports better video quality? Oh wait, over the air might look better, so the hardware should be able to handle it. It’s still watchable, so I don’t care. No DRM, and I’m happy. Record and view on whatever you want. It might not be the cheapest streaming TV service, but it has no DRM. You only get local channels over the air, fine with me, doesn’t use my data from Comcast.

I mostly record from their Premium TV. If I didn’t have a lame 1 TB limit, I could utilize my connection 24/7. I’d go over 1 TB if I did, I pay for 60 Mbps, and can only use 3 Mbps 24/7. Rip off. At least I don’t pay $160 for 1000 Mbps, that I can only use 3 Mbps 24/7.

What happened to Brendan Dassey?

A federal court threw out his confession, and if they retry him, they have no evidence to link him to the killing. They can release him, retry him, or appeal. I’m guessing they are going to appeal it.

Why do they want to put the wrong people in prison so badly? Because of something stupid Steven Avery did a long time ago? He pointed a gun at a police officer’s wife or something. Didn’t actually fire the gun.

Looks like he won. And that could help Steven Avery as well, he didn’t confess to anything.

What they did to Brendan, should be illegal, somebody should go to jail for it, possibly the entire system. He was 16, IQ is less then average, and they saw it as an opportunity to take advantage, also to help them put his uncle in prison. Now everything they said that happened to her, is their words, not Brendan’s.

They didn’t want to pay Steven Avery for the wrongful conviction. Problem is, if he does get out, they will probably pay him even more money then they originally would of paid him.

Money isn’t that great though, he can’t get the time behind bars back. He’ll use the money to move out of Wisconsin, can’t imagine anybody would stay in their state after going to prison for somebody else’s deeds two times. His nephew is kind of lucky, I don’t think he spent as much time in prison as Steven.

Does BuyVM like rebooting their network?

Couldn’t access CyberPanel, and this site was taking longer then usual to load. Tried going to BuyVM’s control panel, not the client area, and it wasn’t loading either.

Are they going to compensate me for their network problems?

Blizzards don't give me the runs

At least not right away. Need to get a milkshake now, I haven’t had one of those since I got the runs from drinking one.

All I eat at home is cheese, like nachos, soon quesadillas, and frozen burritos. Are my tortillas to big for my toaster oven? I’m to lazy to get the George Foreman grill out. The microwave would work too. But the toaster oven would be better. No vegetables at home, I was making rice with vegetables, but there was something crunchy in it, and I ended up throwing it away. Also, one thing of salsa didn’t give it flavor. And you have to clean the rice cooker.

I did get a big rash on my belly some days ago, might of been the mother of all burritos from Taco Time. That burrito was good, don’t think it was cold like the burrito I got the other place, don’t know how to spell their name, and neither does Google.

You don't need the paid LiteSpeed

Unless you have an affair with cPanel. Otherwise, use CyberPanel, if you want a control panel. Probably isn’t secure, don’t think their site says anything about brute force protection.

BuyVM’s cheapest Slice can handle the non stop login attempts on it, assuming it’s getting non stop login attempts.

They did have a security issue with the file manager, the only thing preventing people from using it, was rules in each vHost not allowing access to it, only the server itself. They claim they fixed that, you should have to be authenticated now.

They got a typo in their control panel, should be WordPress, not Wordpress. Even my spellchecker knows. That is Wordpress with a lowercase p. WordPress auto corrects it.

Who needs cell service?

Not me. Enjoy going to voicemail, the SIM card is no longer in my phone. Does T-Mobile forward calls with no SIM card?

I don’t give people the cell number, only Google Voice. Therefore I don’t care if anybody calls that number, not my problem, I didn’t give them that number.

Somebody is driving around with a stingray, that’s why the signal goes up and down, sometimes the stingray is closer then T-Mobile’s tower. Had all bars in the bathroom.

Could keep the SIM card in, just tell it not to ring for anybody. But it’ll still connect to stingrays.

Looks like it might be a software issue, remove SIM card, put back in a little later, and full bars, then it goes down.

Might not buy a FreeSync monitor this year

After I sell my Moto X4, I think I’ll buy something cheaper, like the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad (G Classic Edition) - Nintendo Switch.

Don’t really need that controller though, I don’t play my Switch. I played it a little today. Not enough for a new controller.

That controller works with computers too, pretty much everything except iOS. Says Raspberry Pi, that means Linux. Except, under Steam it says Windows needed. I don’t believe them, if it works with the Raspberry Pi.

The Supreme Court is Pro Trump

Also, the government isn’t supposed to protect their citizens from global warming.

Trump thinks global warming is a hoax. Trump himself is a hoax.

Making a Murderer is back on

New episodes on Netflix. The lawyer for Steven Avery, already found two lies, a gun wasn’t used. And no blood from his middle finger would of hit the spot they claimed.

Basically the prosecution isn’t an expert at blood crap, and massively screwed up.

She said if he is guilty, she’ll find out. You’d basically be an idiot to have her as your lawyer if you are guilty.

I didn’t know if he did the second murder. I do know the trial was flawed. Now there’s proof that they were lying. People that weren’t supposed to be on the property, were on the property. That’s a big red flag.

Also, who the fuck killed her?