The Fedora config kernel might not be that great

“Upgraded” to 4.19.0-3-MANJARO, the only difference is the config, and the 3 is greater then 2.

Computer might seem faster. Didn’t actually look at the kernel config I was using. There’s also patches in the Manjaro kernel. I commented all that out in the PKGBUILD with the Fedora config.

Doesn’t really matter what kernel I use, probably won’t boot Windows anytime soon. Also, who knows if the Fedora config is really better then the Manjaro config for VMs. Setting “CONFIG_HZ_1000” to “y” in the Manjaro kernel is probably all you’d have to do.

Does DisplayPort audio work now? No issues so far with the motherboard’s audio.

A bunch of other stuff was updated too though.

In the latest Manjaro kernel, 4.19, CONFIG_HZ_1000 is set to y. So you might not need a custom kernel anymore. Compiling the latest kernel, to impatient to wait for Manjaro to release an update.