The justice system in the US is corrupt

Steven Avery is still sitting in prison. The judge denied it. There was over 1,000 pages in the motion his lawyer submitted.

Just search his name on Google, there’s an article from two days ago that says where he is. Didn’t finish watching part two of Making a Murderer yet.

The bullet had no bone fragments, so what they said killed her, was a lie.

Well, I doubt either of them will get out of prison. His nephew might on parole.

The state will have a lot of outrage, if they are found not guilty. But I guess putting innocent people in prison, is better then putting the real killer in prison.

Not just one state, judges in other states will be in favor of the prosecution too.

The outrage will be that the cops are crooks. If a judge sees that, then the public won’t be to happy. Or they’ll just continue believing the prosecution and outraged because a maniac rapist is loose.

They knew they wouldn’t get a confession from Steven. They didn’t the first time, and he was found not guilty. They took advantage of his nephew, ruining two lives is fine.