Webcam works with new USB 3.0 hub

It crapped out or something on the old one. It would record for a while, then when I got home it wasn’t recording or something. It was plugged into a two port non powered hub, in the back of the computer, audio doesn’t always work with that, sometimes it says broken pipe. Audio works fine plugged into the new 3.0 hub.

I use it as a security camera, so if somebody that lives in the building robs me, I’ll know who. They’ll get evicted if there’s video footage of them inside somebody else’s apartment. Might not really be needed anymore, there’s cameras in the hallway.

I paid $10 for software that does it, you can do it for free, if you aren’t lazy. I only get a year of updates. Don’t need to pay again, I don’t use any of the extra features, I don’t use the motion control, the reason I bought it. I just let it record the entire time I’m gone. Since it’s a cheap webcam, the resolution isn’t very high. A thirty minute recording is 208.1 MB. The entire folder is 310.4 GB. Still 2 TB free on that drive. No need to delete anything. If I could use a better codec, the file size would probably be smaller. Using MP4 and the file won’t be right, if you close the application. Which I do when I’m home.