Windows 10 is shit

Want to lock yourself out? Tell DDU to reboot into safe mode, if you’ve never logged in with a password, your password will be “incorrect”. A pin is easier to type then my password.

Oh and the command somebody said to run “bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot”, doesn’t work, zero ID called current. Type “bcdedit /enum”, and look for the safeboot, then the ID somewhere above it. If “/enum” isn’t right, type “bcdedit /?”. Mine was default, so the command is “bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot”.

I booted from an old Windows ISO, I just updated to the big October update. Probably should of downloaded the ISO, before messing with the video driver, it’s back to normal now, and that’s without restoring my old windows version backup, the backup was made last night, I think.

In my case, I need a driver to see the C drive, so act like you are installing, click custom, load the driver, then click Shift F10, and type C: and then run the bcdedit command.

Oh and to get the Administrator account working, type “net user Administrator password /active:yes”, you have to set a password, if you don’t, you’ll need to brute force it. I originally enabled it by regedit, booted from the ISO. I used the password “password”. I don’t care what the password is.

The AMD driver won’t install the Settings part, it fails. I wanted to try using the overlay thing. I’ll just keep the 2017 driver. Don’t click update on your video card, it “updated” to a 2016 driver, that doesn’t work.