Using ethernet is rolling like 1994?

I bet they have a weak WiFi password, and WPS enabled.

You do know WiFi isn’t secure right? I only use WiFi on my phone. It has no ethernet jack.

How much are they giving me for my iPhone SE?

If it’s $80, that’s almost enough for an enclosure. Not getting the ICY DOCK enclosure, it has some bad reviews.

Probably will get the AKiTiO AK-NT2C-U31AA-AKTU 2 Bay NT2 USB 3.1 Type C Enclosure Storage.

I have a 2.5" enclosure from them, it’s USB Type-C too. Oh wait, I think the one I bought, a review said the cable isn’t good. How is the cable on that one?

Can’t remember if I had issues with that enclosure. Oh yeah, no TRIM support.

Mobius Pro 2-Bay USB-C (3.1, Gen 2) RAID Hard Drive Enclosure that’s the other enclosure I like, but it’s $120.

I’d rather buy something cheaper, the enclosure requires two drives. You can get a cheapo enclosure for $50, the fan might die eventually, and you risk it disconnecting.

$136.82 if I want a RockPro64. That’s the cheaper 2 GB RockPro64. Does a NAS need more then 2 GB of RAM?

Who is Michael McCarthy?

Somebody or something, left a message saying it’s an important call for Michael McCarthy and to call some number.

Bad news for you, that isn’t my name.

No beep yet today

I changed the batteries in the carbon monoxide alarm yesterday. I heard another beep, didn’t know what it was. Guess the carbon monoxide alarm doesn’t beep non stop like the fire alarms.

How does Fallout 76 decide to run like shit?

Sometimes it’s really smooth. Doesn’t matter what Linux is doing, it can be doing nothing, and the game runs like shit.

Does their server somehow make the game run like shit? If so, they should fix their server, or get better hardware. Or maybe it’s the USB ethernet adapter I use with Windows. I could make a bridge again, but I’m lazy. Somebody said the bridge caused stuttering.


That would be the best DIY NAS. It has four SATA ports.

Problem is, it costs about $200, for the complete kit, and the pre order is sold out. Probably doesn’t ship from the US either. That doesn’t include hard drives.



You can use that as a slow wireless AP. But apparently you can’t disable the WiFi, so I wouldn’t buy it. I’d use it to record from my webcam.

The ethernet is only 100 Mbps.

Says it supports PCIe 1.1, it’s to small to have a PCIe slot.

Actually, you probably can disable the WiFi. It runs Linux, so why not?

The middle pins or whatever has PCIe. Where do you get an adapter? Oh wait, the ethernet sucks, it’s useless as a NAS. And PCIe 1.1 is pretty old, and it’s only x1.

That article's title is misleading

From the title, I thought somebody modified macOS to run on the iPad. Nope, they just used the iPad Pro as a monitor for a Mac mini. Should of figured that out, because it says they used a Mac mini to get macOS on the iPad.

I already knew you could do that, I read an article about that, probably a month or longer ago. Took em that long to find out you can do that.

You could play games on the new Mac mini, with a eGPU. Would be far cheaper to use a PC, like I do.

Is Apple planning on switching to their own CPUs on their Macs anytime soon?

The easiest way to get macOS, is by buying a Mac.

I had a Intel NUC, that I put macOS on, macOS stopped working on it. Just a black screen or something. Could of reinstalled, but I installed Linux instead. Then I ended up selling it.

Linux is easier to fix then macOS. If you have a real Mac, you shouldn’t need to fix it.

But even if Apple does switch, I probably won’t buy one, I forgot how to use macOS.

I don’t like paying for Intel CPUs, you get a slightly better benchmark score then AMD, that’s about the only positive thing about Intel.

Comcast contract is over

Unless it was for two years, that’s why the bill went up $10. Apparently it’ll stay that price for 12 months, still lower then the regular price.

Will somebody be offering 5G home internet before the end of next year? I’ll gladly pay $70 a month, if it isn’t to Comcast. Especially if it has a faster then 6 Mbps upload speed. And no data cap.

Some of their deals say so much for the first year, then it goes up a little, for the year after that.

Comcast can give me 60 Mbps down, but only 6 up. Pretty shitty.

Cross dresser

I paid 300 atomic money to buy a dress, to see if my guy could wear it. I got the 300 for free, by playing the game. The first appeal I bought, had no bra on my guy. They should give you the option to have a bra or not.

I didn’t go anywhere with their dress on yet. I never managed to get attacked for wearing rags. What about a dress?

6 TB drives are expensive

Almost $200, and I’d need two of them, the cheapest is a HGST for $172.08 on Amazon. That’s basically WesternDick now.

Just noticed, Platinum Micro, Inc. is the seller. Think I saw their eBay feedback on an item. Can’t remember what, or what the review said, it was negative.

I’d only buy drives from Amazon directly. If I was buying it on Amazon.

Looks like I need over $400 then, there’s tax, and that excludes the NAS. Add $155 or so for the NAS. That’s expensive.

The brand doesn’t really matter, WesternDick and Seagate are both about the same now a days, Seagate had some bad batches in the past. Not sure about other brands, like Toshiba.

How much is 6 TB from the refurbished seller? At least $130. Will they be around for three more years? That’s how long the warranty is. They have a new one for $150. It’s no brand.

Why odes the new one only have a 1 year warranty? I’d rather have a three year warranty.


Cheaper then a NAS, a little under $40. It has an emulator on it. Can you change the emulator? To one that supports more systems? Or is to under powered for anything else?

You could make your own, and put the retro distro on it. They sell screens for SBC.

The ODROID-C1+ might work, with the ameriDroid VU7 Tablet Kit (3D Printed). You need the screen too. Can you power it by the micro USB port? Use a USB battery, I have one that I don’t use.

Still would rather have a NAS

Does the PCIe slot on the RockPro64 work? Cause an old post says they had to modify it to make it work.

The ODROID-H2 would work, pre orders sold out.

I’d just backup my backup drive to it, the more backups the merrier.

The PCIe slot should work on the RockPro64. The post I’m reading doesn’t say anything about modifying it. I’ll look at the other topics in the category, after I finish reading more of this. But how would a GPU work on it? It doesn’t provide enough power, you’d need a dedicated PSU. Also, NVIDIA is the worst you could use, the open source driver causes freezing. It’s not official, probably the reason it sucks.

The RockPro64 might be a hazard, as in sparks flying out of it.

But the NAS case is metal, I think. So if it lights up, it might burn nothing down. Just itself.

I got an old AMD video card, but it requires to much power.

Got disconnected from Fallout 76 while doing an event last night

Can I sue them for false advertising? Pretty sure my computer is higher then the minimum system requirements, yet the game runs like shit. If I remember correctly, it stutters with a resolution of 1080p too.

Did they actually play the game before selling it for $60? Probably not. Maybe on one overpowered computer.

Something beeped again

While I was in the shower. No idea what is beeping. Probably not the alarm in my bedroom, it was replaced.

There’s two alarms in my living room. The carbon monoxide alarm is blinking green. I assume that means the batteries are fine. The fire alarm in the living room, just got it’s battery changed. They could of used a old battery.

Could be one of the UPSes, there’s three.

Maybe the beeping is outside.

Their drive was hot, noisy, and slow to spin up

I own two of those drives, the one in my case, with some loud ass fans in the front is 37C. It’s an enterprise drive, so it runs hotter then other drives.

The other drive in a dock, with a USB powered fan blowing on it, is 36C.

Probably need to clean the dust off the hard drives. I didn’t open that side of the case.

Doesn’t seem nosy, all I hear is the loud ass fans in my case. I bought them because the RPMs are really high. I don’t care about noise.

If their drives were hot, and noisy, they should of contacted their seller, not wait three months, might still be under warranty though.

I’ll still buy two more of them, with an ICY DOCK enclosure. Now to see how much bigger then 3 TB drives from goHardDrive.

Almost $80 for 4 TB, might as well buy a new NAS drive then that.

Are their Seagate drives basically unused too? Well, there’s some Seagates that had a high failure rate. You’d have to search for them on Google.

They have a 3 TB Seagate for slightly less.

Nope, those Seagate’s might have 30k of powered on hours. Do they wipe that from the Hitachi drives? Which is HGST now, and owned by WesternDick.

The first drive I bought, only has 9663 powered on hours, I leave my computer on 24/7. That’s over 400 days.

According to their eBay listing, it’s manufactured refurbished. You get eBay bucks, if you buy on eBay. I have $1.19 in eBay bucks, from buying a video card I didn’t need.

They have new 2 TB drives for $48. Says white label, probably WesternDick. That is cheaper though. Probably going to use it for /home, after I copy everything to it. It’ll be in a software RAID 1. They claim it isn’t really a backup. But if a drive dies, you just replace the drive, and the data is re mirrored.

What’s the point in RAID 1, if it isn’t a backup? It mirrors everything on the other drive. That’s basically what a backup is. Except, a backup probably wouldn’t be as in sync. Might not help you if you delete a file. And forget.

The title on that 2 TB says 6 Gbps, and the description says 3. So if I buy it, and it only runs at 3, I can get my money back for false advertising? Cause the title says 6.

The new white label 3 TB drives, are apparently Hitachi. Buy two of those instead. Not much more then the refurbished.

Wait a second, will those fit in the ICY DOCK enclosure? They might be fatter then non enterprise drives.

Monoprice has a cheaper enclosure. Not sold on Monoprice’s site anymore.

Only my endurance and intelligence is good in Fallout 76

Endurance is 6, and intelligence is 8.

Everything else is 3 or less.

You need a certain amount, to equip perks. I have a bunch of stuff I can’t equip, not enough skill points. I could un equip everything for some of the stuff, and then equip the higher ranking perk.

USB isn't good for storage?

USB 2.0 isn’t. 3.0 seems to work fine.

SBC USB might suck, at least on the ones I’ve had, it did.