I might know what is giving me the runs almost every night

Raisin Bran. Fiber will give you the runs if you consume to much.

Didn’t eat any today, ate a frozen breakfast burrito instead. If you eat those everyday, you’ll probably get the runs too.

On another note, will the UniFi controller work on the Raspberry Pi Zero W?

2. Rufus to install the image to the MicroSD card

Why would I use a Windows only program? Surprised they know how to operate a Pi, no Windows for it. I used Etcher, could be for other OSes too, I forgot. When I was running Windows only, I used Rufus for stuff.

Ha, they need to use an IP scanner to find the IP of the Raspberry Pi. Much easier to go to the router, and see what it is there.

You install it like on any other Debian distro. Doesn’t say which Pi. Is 512 MB of RAM enough? Their site says 2 GB at least, and a x86 CPU. Why? It uses Java, no need for x86. But 2 GB makes sense, Java is a hog. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t crash.

Don’t think that camera will have a microphone

Didn’t buy a microphone, so no sound. Do you need sound on a security camera? Maybe.

NFS looks like a pain. Might as well use SAMBA, it’s already installed, and doesn’t require syncing the client and server’s time. As far as I know.

Maybe I’ll buy the Pi 3 after I sell my iPhone SE. Use that for Parsec, so I can play Fallout 76 not at home. Or the RockPro64, for a NAS that I don’t really need.

Does Parsec work on the PINEBOOK? If so, buy that instead.

It might, somebody requested a ARM64 build, and the build is for the Pi 3, the Pi 3 B+ is 64bit. They both use a Cortex-A53 based chip. I have to go on a wait list again, to buy it. Don’t have the money yet for iPhone SE. Put Armbian on the Pinebook, the Raspberry Pi 3 Parsec is a deb file, might not need to extract it and crap to run it.

What is that called?

When something looks blue on the monitor that isn’t supposed to be blue? Almost like light bleed, but blue instead. Blue bleed.

The good thing about spending all your money one month

The next month, you won’t want to buy anything. Even if it leaves money in the bank.

Pi Foundation Display – 7″ Touchscreen Display for Raspberry Pi

That would be nice, use Parsec to stream games to it, including when not at home. But that costs $80. You can probably get a cheap ass Android tablet for $80. And it’s over $80, once you add the Raspberry Pi. And everything else you need.

Does anybody in the US sell the Pinebook? Parsec probably wouldn’t work on that though, different CPU.

There’s a 2.8″ screen for $45. Is that big enough? It has a touch screen.

I’d play Fallout 76 with a Steam Controller. That game was made for controllers. I have a mini bluetooth keyboard, the battery is probably dead, it’s been sitting in my white thing, don’t know what it’s called. For a long ass time. The battery might be unchargable.

Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Board v2 – 8 Megapixels

That’s cheaper, and then I can use it as my security camera. No IR filter, so it’s probably better then my cheap ass webcam.

Don’t really need their power adapter, I have a four port USB charger on my desk. And if I was going to get the screen, I have a portable USB battery.

I won’t buy a premade IP camera, somebody bought one, and it changed it’s MAC address to get internet access, and was connecting to a server in China. They might be paranoid, but so am I.

Apparently you won’t get 5V from most USB chargers, because “they draw so much current that the resistance of the cable causes a voltage drop, so instead of 5V, the device sees 4.75V or so”.

They charge $50 for a wireless keyboard + touchpad.

$77.80 for a security camera. A better webcam would probably be cheaper. And does Raspbian have SSH enabled by default? I don’t want to plug it into my monitor, to much work.

Put Arch Linux on it, there’s an ARM version.

Looks like a pain though. I do wonder what Fallout 76 looks like on a 320×240 display.

Also, to see how much shipping is, you have to go to the checkout to calculate it. Also, Adafruit’s stuff is cheaply made. Not sure that matters for some stuff. But the wireless charging receiver I bought, broke, the connector did, it wasn’t meant to be unplugged.

Why is the 4″ screen sold out? And why is my monitor blue? Might of went away, after changing the settings, and changing them back. Looks like I need a new monitor. Looks like I overused this one.

How slow is shipping from Canada? It’s around $80 before shipping, that is the basic kit, with a power adapter, and two heat sinks, and the Pi.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (B Plus) with Premium Clear Case and 2.5A Power Supply cheaper on Amazon, then from their site, still sold by them, just shipped by Amazon.

Can you record from the camera with ffmpeg?

You probably need an IR light source for the NoIR camera to be worth it.

kuman for Raspberry PI Camera Module 5MP 1080p OV5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ A+ RPi 3/2/1/zero/zero W with FFC/FPC Cable (Raspberry pi Camera)

Look at them fancy lights. Does it work with Linux? I’d get a Pine board and camera, but their camera only works with Android. Those are IR lights.

The Pi Zero can read 1080p 30 FPS? Or is the camera doing all the work? If it can, that’s even cheaper. Looks like the camera does all the work, otherwise it would be useless.

Where did my micro USB OTG cable go? I found an old USB ethernet adapter, only 100 Mbps, plenty for USB 2.0 or whatever it has. Found it.

Not cheaper to get the non wireless Zero. Boohoo, I don’t want WiFi on it. WiFi is bad.

CanaKit or Vilros? Never heard of Vilros, or maybe I have. The Vilros is slightly cheaper, I think CanaKit is Canada based. Since I don’t need the USB OTG cable, I’ll pay more for the CanaKit. And I like that brand better.

Did you see the pictures of the dude with that camera? Looks like it’ll work nicely in the dark.

What camera doesn’t have good video quality? Says for the price paid it doesn’t. I don’t expect it to be much better then my $20 webcam, the part that’s better is IR.

The maker of the camera has a case + LCD screen for the Pi 3. It’s only $30, but the case falls apart apparently.

Using ethernet is rolling like 1994?

I bet they have a weak WiFi password, and WPS enabled.

You do know WiFi isn’t secure right? I only use WiFi on my phone. It has no ethernet jack.

How much are they giving me for my iPhone SE?

If it’s $80, that’s almost enough for an enclosure. Not getting the ICY DOCK enclosure, it has some bad reviews.

Probably will get the AKiTiO AK-NT2C-U31AA-AKTU 2 Bay NT2 USB 3.1 Type C Enclosure Storage.

I have a 2.5″ enclosure from them, it’s USB Type-C too. Oh wait, I think the one I bought, a review said the cable isn’t good. How is the cable on that one?

Can’t remember if I had issues with that enclosure. Oh yeah, no TRIM support.

Mobius Pro 2-Bay USB-C (3.1, Gen 2) RAID Hard Drive Enclosure that’s the other enclosure I like, but it’s $120.

I’d rather buy something cheaper, the enclosure requires two drives. You can get a cheapo enclosure for $50, the fan might die eventually, and you risk it disconnecting.

$136.82 if I want a RockPro64. That’s the cheaper 2 GB RockPro64. Does a NAS need more then 2 GB of RAM?

Who is Michael McCarthy?

Somebody or something, left a message saying it’s an important call for Michael McCarthy and to call some number.

Bad news for you, that isn’t my name.

No beep yet today

I changed the batteries in the carbon monoxide alarm yesterday. I heard another beep, didn’t know what it was. Guess the carbon monoxide alarm doesn’t beep non stop like the fire alarms.

How does Fallout 76 decide to run like shit?

Sometimes it’s really smooth. Doesn’t matter what Linux is doing, it can be doing nothing, and the game runs like shit.

Does their server somehow make the game run like shit? If so, they should fix their server, or get better hardware. Or maybe it’s the USB ethernet adapter I use with Windows. I could make a bridge again, but I’m lazy. Somebody said the bridge caused stuttering.


That would be the best DIY NAS. It has four SATA ports.

Problem is, it costs about $200, for the complete kit, and the pre order is sold out. Probably doesn’t ship from the US either. That doesn’t include hard drives.