256GB of extra space on BuyVM is only an extra $1.25 a month

It was $1.21 for the first month, because it isn’t the 1st anymore.

Nice, I can attach it to my Slice already.

Well, it works, but I’m waiting for a domain to start working. For my pictures.

It’ll be a while before any pictures start uploading. It’s scanning the folder.

Started uploading finally.

Haha, it crashed. The server itself crashed, can’t even load the gallery anymore, yet other sites work. Might be the force HTTPS plugin, I enabled something, that might of killed it. And it works, had to close the tab in Firefox, and try again. It worked in Chrome, that’s how I know Firefox was having issues. I did restart the web server too.

Python is stupid, had to reboot computer to get rid of the host name error. If the server crashes, apparently Python can’t recover without rebooting. Script might be broken.

Found the bug, there was a space in the parent album name. Good thing I never released it.