6 TB drives are expensive

Almost $200, and I’d need two of them, the cheapest is a HGST for $172.08 on Amazon. That’s basically WesternDick now.

Just noticed, Platinum Micro, Inc. is the seller. Think I saw their eBay feedback on an item. Can’t remember what, or what the review said, it was negative.

I’d only buy drives from Amazon directly. If I was buying it on Amazon.

Looks like I need over $400 then, there’s tax, and that excludes the NAS. Add $155 or so for the NAS. That’s expensive.

The brand doesn’t really matter, WesternDick and Seagate are both about the same now a days, Seagate had some bad batches in the past. Not sure about other brands, like Toshiba.

How much is 6 TB from the refurbished seller? At least $130. Will they be around for three more years? That’s how long the warranty is. They have a new one for $150. It’s no brand.

Why odes the new one only have a 1 year warranty? I’d rather have a three year warranty.