A hundred dollars more is a little bit?

Some article lied and said Samsung’s new 1 TB SSD is only a little bit more then a non SSD. That’s not true, a 1 TB non SSD will cost $50 or so, or at least that’s how much they cost last time I bought one.

You can’t compare a 1 TB SSD price to a 1+ TB non SSD price. That’s not how it works. And if you do the math, you’ll see the bigger drive for less, is a better deal.

Apparently you can get a 1 TB SSD SATA non Samsung for $100 or so.

When I saw the article, I was hoping for a 1 TB SSD for under $100. That would be a little bit more then a non SSD.

The cheapest 1 TB SATA SSD on Amazon, that I see, is $120. Might not be a great brand either. The PS4 will get to keep it’s slow ass WesternDick drive. Haven’t played it lately anyways. I bought a 3.5″ adapter for the PS4, because I thought 3.5″ drives were faster then laptop drives. That’s not the case, with WesternDick. Would of been better off buying a laptop drive.

Even my external USB 3.0 Seagate is faster then that drive, I have the same drive in my computer too. I should replace it, but I’m lazy, and cheap. And the drive isn’t used for much, so it’s slowness doesn’t matter.