Don't think that camera will have a microphone

Didn’t buy a microphone, so no sound. Do you need sound on a security camera? Maybe.

NFS looks like a pain. Might as well use SAMBA, it’s already installed, and doesn’t require syncing the client and server’s time. As far as I know.

Maybe I’ll buy the Pi 3 after I sell my iPhone SE. Use that for Parsec, so I can play Fallout 76 not at home. Or the RockPro64, for a NAS that I don’t really need.

Does Parsec work on the PINEBOOK? If so, buy that instead.

It might, somebody requested a ARM64 build, and the build is for the Pi 3, the Pi 3 B+ is 64bit. They both use a Cortex-A53 based chip. I have to go on a wait list again, to buy it. Don’t have the money yet for iPhone SE. Put Armbian on the Pinebook, the Raspberry Pi 3 Parsec is a deb file, might not need to extract it and crap to run it.