Good job dog

The day she was freaking out, because of beeping, she was pawing one of my UPSes. Apparently she unplugged the router slightly, it turned off today around 5 pm, while I was gone. No idea why it turned off today, but was working before then. I doubt the internet works with it off.

The AP disconnected from the controller at 5:35 pm. That’s probably about when the router lost power.

Tried connecting to the UniFi controller when I wasn’t at home, it kept timing out.

The webcam didn’t record anybody entering my apartment, other then me.

Now to tell the AP to shut it’s WiFi off at a certain time everyday. No need for it to be on while I’m sleeping. That might piss the WiFi cracker off.

Is the schedule when it’s on or off?

Ha, it’s useless, you select the time, but it’s on a day basis. That doesn’t work, the next time is the next day, not changing the timezone to work around their half ass feature.

Funny in 2015, somebody from UBNT said “I believe this feature is going to be updated with greater flexibility in a future release!”. Looks like that wasn’t the case, unless they mean 2040, when everybody is melted from nukes.

Screw UBNT, they said in a future release in 2015. Next year, I think I’ll replace the AP.

Are Zyxel APs any good? Their switches work just fine, the interface is ugly though. Looks like the UniFi.

EnGenius is supposed to have a working schedule feature. I prefer to mix and match brands. Their software runs in a VM. Says you need VMWare Player 7 or Oracle Virtual Box. No KVM apparently. Also, the system requirements say you need Windows.

I’ll keep my AP. Can you control power with a SBC? Then I can schedule it however I want, the power will be cut. To lazy to configure the firewall to block everything. That’s not turning the WiFi off, and that is already sort of configured, they need my phone’s IP to access the internet.

Powerswitch tail 2

So I won’t fry myself with that? I bought a wireless charging receiver from them, the connector broke or something.

That’s discontinued, it links to this.

Good luck figuring that out, you need to attach wires. You also need a SBC of some kind.

You can get a timer plug, but you need to plug it directly into the wall. What’s the point in surge protectors then? And what happens if you plug a UPS into it? The AP is probably plugged into a UPS.