How do you sell stolen goods in Red Dead Redemption 2?

I was watching South Park, and I think Al Gore said he didn’t know how to sell stolen goods, then the kids said they knew how.

They never had the kids say how though. I barely play it, but I think that’s why I can’t sell some of my stuff. If you go to the general store, they won’t buy it.

I did go hunting with some old guy. He said he was old or something. They didn’t say to grab a gun after looking for clues for the bear, so all I had was a pistol. The bear did something to the other guy, not sure what, didn’t look like anything, they ran away when I shot at them. I was chasing the bear, but then realized a lousy pistol is probably useless.

Made me buy a new horse, only enough for the $15 one. I didn’t sell the other horse.