I forgot Fallout 76 comes out on the 14th

I won’t be buying it, I may of bought a phone, a non Android phone. The CPU smokes the ones in Android phones, nobody invests enough money into Android CPUs.

If I sell my iPhone SE, and Moto X4, I might be able to buy it.

I was busy trying to revive the Moto X4.

Those who say iPhones are slow, haven’t used a modern one, and/or are an Apple hater. The iPhone 3G or was it 3GS is slow. I had a 3G or 3GS, I killed it, by trying to jailbreak it. Didn’t feel like waiting for the battery to die, so I threw it away.

Don’t care about Black Friday. I’m not going to a store and waiting in line, to find out they sold the one item they had. You can also die by participating in Black Friday.

The only thing I’d want is a new CPU for my desktop, but I’ll just wait for the third generation. Either get the third gen, or save money and get the second gen.