I might know what is giving me the runs almost every night

Raisin Bran. Fiber will give you the runs if you consume to much.

Didn’t eat any today, ate a frozen breakfast burrito instead. If you eat those everyday, you’ll probably get the runs too.

On another note, will the UniFi controller work on the Raspberry Pi Zero W?

2. Rufus to install the image to the MicroSD card

Why would I use a Windows only program? Surprised they know how to operate a Pi, no Windows for it. I used Etcher, could be for other OSes too, I forgot. When I was running Windows only, I used Rufus for stuff.

Ha, they need to use an IP scanner to find the IP of the Raspberry Pi. Much easier to go to the router, and see what it is there.

You install it like on any other Debian distro. Doesn’t say which Pi. Is 512 MB of RAM enough? Their site says 2 GB at least, and a x86 CPU. Why? It uses Java, no need for x86. But 2 GB makes sense, Java is a hog. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t crash.