iPhone 7 or Nokia 7.1?

The 7 is faster, but costs slightly more for the refurbished one. Screen is smaller, no HDR either. But I can backup my iPhone SE and restore it to the 7. Maybe somebody will give me some money to buy the Plus.

Is the non Plus’s screen big enough? Bigger then the SE. Not sure 4.7″ is big enough though.

Well, I’m to lazy to setup a new phone, and the iPhone 7 is faster then the Nokia 7.1. I’ll get the non Plus model.

Only 32 GB, that’s plenty for me. I barely take pictures, and you can delete them, after uploading to Google.

It’s funny how a dual core CPU is faster then Android phones. It’s because the single core sucks, apparently phone apps don’t need lots of cores. Also, Apple’s software is designed for their hardware, Android it’s a mess.