Good job dog

The day she was freaking out, because of beeping, she was pawing one of my UPSes. Apparently she unplugged the router slightly, it turned off today around 5 pm, while I was gone. No idea why it turned off today, but was working before then. I doubt the internet works with it off.

The AP disconnected from the controller at 5:35 pm. That’s probably about when the router lost power.

Tried connecting to the UniFi controller when I wasn’t at home, it kept timing out.

The webcam didn’t record anybody entering my apartment, other then me.

Now to tell the AP to shut it’s WiFi off at a certain time everyday. No need for it to be on while I’m sleeping. That might piss the WiFi cracker off.

Is the schedule when it’s on or off?

Ha, it’s useless, you select the time, but it’s on a day basis. That doesn’t work, the next time is the next day, not changing the timezone to work around their half ass feature.

Funny in 2015, somebody from UBNT said “I believe this feature is going to be updated with greater flexibility in a future release!”. Looks like that wasn’t the case, unless they mean 2040, when everybody is melted from nukes.

Screw UBNT, they said in a future release in 2015. Next year, I think I’ll replace the AP.

Are Zyxel APs any good? Their switches work just fine, the interface is ugly though. Looks like the UniFi.

EnGenius is supposed to have a working schedule feature. I prefer to mix and match brands. Their software runs in a VM. Says you need VMWare Player 7 or Oracle Virtual Box. No KVM apparently. Also, the system requirements say you need Windows.

I’ll keep my AP. Can you control power with a SBC? Then I can schedule it however I want, the power will be cut. To lazy to configure the firewall to block everything. That’s not turning the WiFi off, and that is already sort of configured, they need my phone’s IP to access the internet.

Powerswitch tail 2

So I won’t fry myself with that? I bought a wireless charging receiver from them, the connector broke or something.

That’s discontinued, it links to this.

Good luck figuring that out, you need to attach wires. You also need a SBC of some kind.

You can get a timer plug, but you need to plug it directly into the wall. What’s the point in surge protectors then? And what happens if you plug a UPS into it? The AP is probably plugged into a UPS.

You can install Channels DVR on a Synology NAS

How do you transfer your database to it? It apparently backs itself up, but there’s no restore button.

If you get a QNAP for around $300, it has a Intel CPU, probably can transcode better then a Synology.

The QNAP is better, it has HDMI, with Kodi. And you can run virtual machines on it.

But a cheap AMD system would be better.

They have a $200 one too. NAS drives are expensive though. Buy the refurbished drives that I have two of. That’s like $60 a piece. They are enterprise, so good enough for a NAS, especially an idle NAS.

What’s better QNAP or Synology? Synology has a $200 one too. Neither will do hardware transcoding though. If you pay $250, you get hardware transcoding on the Synology. The $250 Synology is an old model, can’t find it on Amazon now. Found it earlier.

Synology is probably easier to setup.

A different QNAP for $300, review says it needs more then 1 GB of RAM. Why? In that case, buy the Synology, you can’t upgrade the RAM on it, so hopefully it doesn’t need more.

A possibly cheaper solution, buy some kind of Raspberry Pi like boards, not the Raspberry, it would suck as a NAS. Like the ROCKPro64, it has a PCIe x4 slot, put a SATA card in it. Will that work?

They have a SATA card for $10, so it looks like you can use it as a NAS.

Don’t really need a NAS though. A dual 3.5" USB 3.0 enclosure would work just as well.

I like PINE64 though. Problem is, they might ship from a different country. Put openmediavault on it. There’s a build for the RockPro64 here.

Might be expensive though, over $100. Especially if you get the 4 GB RAM version. Where do you plug in the special SATA power cable? Don’t see anywhere on the board to plug it in.

Found where the fan goes. Looks like the SATA cable has four pins, by the fan there’s a 3 pin thing. Don’t think that’ll work.

Their pictures suck, so you can’t zoom in. ships from California, they take PayPal, so if they scam you, you can dispute it.

Might of finally found where you plug the SATA cable in, it’s by the power jack.

$155.86 that’s how much it would cost. Don’t know if the bigger heat sinks fit with the NAS case.

Over $200 for two 3 TB drives, the ones claimed to be refurbished, they might of just never been used. As they work just fine.

ODROID-H2 is probably better. But it uses an Intel CPU. Costs $111. You need RAM too, and a power supply. The pre order is sold out. But it would be overkill. The only reason I’d get it.

Will probably buy a dual ICY DOCK enclosure. Less work.

Comcast raised my internet bill

Am I still under contract? If not, it would of went up even higher. Can I sue them for violating the contract?

It only went up by $10. Their site doesn’t say why or anything.

According to the plans, mine should cost over $60 a month. I did signup for the contract last December. When does the contract end? On the day you signed up? Or a month later?

It’s a good deal, if the deal is over. That’s cheaper then 15 Mbps. They charge around $50 now for 15 Mbps. 60 Mbps for $40 a month. I’ll have to see what it costs in January.

The kitten wanted to play with Tonka

Tonka was looking at her, and possibly sniffing her. Then the kitten laid down, looked like she was going to swat at her. Pretty sure that’s one way cats play, she probably wouldn’t put her claws out. I remember cats swatting at the dog’s tails.

Tonka wasn’t interested in playing, she just was saying hi, then left.

The only dog that might play with her is Lilly. Sofie acts all weird, so I don’t think she’d play with her. Lilly is the right size to play with a kitten. I think Lilly was trying to get the kitten to play with her. Might of been to soon for her to do that.

The kitten isn’t scared of any of the dogs. Chairman is scared of the dogs.

She’ll also try running out the door, if you open it. She doesn’t live in a very good neighborhood for going outside. Also, it’s better to have cats inside only, then you can see them all the time. Dogs are good for inside too, they just go outside to go potty. If you have a pet, I’d think you would want to give them attention. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a pet?

She can’t get hit by a car, if she never goes outside.

A hundred dollars more is a little bit?

Some article lied and said Samsung’s new 1 TB SSD is only a little bit more then a non SSD. That’s not true, a 1 TB non SSD will cost $50 or so, or at least that’s how much they cost last time I bought one.

You can’t compare a 1 TB SSD price to a 1+ TB non SSD price. That’s not how it works. And if you do the math, you’ll see the bigger drive for less, is a better deal.

Apparently you can get a 1 TB SSD SATA non Samsung for $100 or so.

When I saw the article, I was hoping for a 1 TB SSD for under $100. That would be a little bit more then a non SSD.

The cheapest 1 TB SATA SSD on Amazon, that I see, is $120. Might not be a great brand either. The PS4 will get to keep it’s slow ass WesternDick drive. Haven’t played it lately anyways. I bought a 3.5" adapter for the PS4, because I thought 3.5" drives were faster then laptop drives. That’s not the case, with WesternDick. Would of been better off buying a laptop drive.

Even my external USB 3.0 Seagate is faster then that drive, I have the same drive in my computer too. I should replace it, but I’m lazy, and cheap. And the drive isn’t used for much, so it’s slowness doesn’t matter.

AlphaRacks falsely advertises

They don’t use LiteSpeed. According to this.

curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache

Ran the command, and got the same result. Now they are going to say, that they have Apache in front of LiteSpeed.

curl -I
HTTP/2 200 
server: LiteSpeed

Looks like the server does say LiteSpeed, if you are running LiteSpeed. They are using Joomla btw. Drupal is better.

curl -I
HTTP/2 200 
server: LiteSpeed

OpenLiteSpeed says LiteSpeed, not OpenLiteSpeed. I’m to cheap to pay for LiteSpeed.

8 GB of VRAM should be enough for 4k

Monitor is only 1440p though. But if I ever hook my computer up to my TV, or buy a new monitor, I should have enough VRAM. I don’t care what settings the game is on.

Just don’t play Fallout 76 in 4k with a AMD RX 570, seeing as it doesn’t run that great on mostly low settings at 1440p, 4k would probably be worse.

Can anyone even play the PC version in 4k? Maybe with one of those expensive NVIDIA cards.

Fallout 76 is buggy as fuck

I completed an event, and it dropped an aid box or whatever it’s called. Went over to it, and there was nothing in it, just trying to load it, if I remember correctly.

I kept walking away and going back, to try and collect my reward, but it didn’t work, then it disappeared.

Game should of cost $20 max. That’s how much early access games should cost. They even had a B.E.T.A, but it looks like they didn’t bother fixing it.

How did Deepin make a broken terminal?

Record your webcam with ffmpeg, and you will only see the warning or error, or whatever it is, it won’t show the time recording, the size, or anything else.

Use a different terminal, like Mate Terminal, and it shows everything.

You can make qterminal similar, once you hide the menu bar, good luck getting it back. I didn’t look at the shortcuts before closing the settings.

It’s the same as Gnome Terminal, right click in the terminal area. No need for a menu bar, you can get to the preferences without it.

And qterminal doesn’t show everything either.

[mjpeg @ 0x557ffc561980] unable to decode APP fields: Invalid data found when processing input
    Last message repeated 14 times

That’s all I see. It records, it just shows that forever. Google won’t find a solution to that.

The Deepin Terminal might be using QT too.

Found the problem, the window is to big, apparently if the window is to big, it doesn’t show the size and time.

frame=   61 fps= 30 q=34.0 size=       1kB time=00:00:01.91 bitrate=   4.1kbi[mjpeg @ 0x5586522d4980] unable to decode APP fields: Invalid data found when processing input

Deepin Terminal works now too, just make the stupid window smaller.

Resizing the window while ffmpeg is running, doesn’t make that text disappear.

If you get fat enough, you don't have to exercise

You can’t, as your breathing might get messed up. If you exercise, you may faint.

Going to the doctor is useless, they’ll tell me what I already know, that I’m morbidly obese.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Probiotic 5 Billion CFU, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 2 Month Supply

Do those work like the TruNature Probiotics? if they don’t get past your stomach acid, they are useless.

$13 on Amazon. There’s a 25% off coupon too.

Might buy it, because I’m a cheapskate. You don’t get 100 capsules like the TruNature ones I have. But it’s only $13, you get 60.

The reviews are all bogus, Vine crap.

$10.60 with tax, after the 25% coupon. Don’t remember how much the TruNature ones were at Costco. At least $20. Should of bought two bottles. Do they go bad?

The TruNature stuff is around $18, according to Costco’s site, don’t buy it from a third party seller on Amazon, that’s over $40.

Pizza doesn't give me the runs

No runs last night, I didn’t eat any pie with cool whip on it. I was eating a piece of pie with cool whip at my mom’s. Think I’ll eat a piece without the cool whip next time I go over there.

I can eat ice cream though, from Dairy Queen.

New outfit in Fallout 76

You get it from the Atomic Shop, I didn’t buy any of the stuff you use to purchase stuff, the game keeps giving me some for free. Do you get free in game currency forever? Or just while doing quests? Or leveling up?

I was hoping he’d get to wear the bra too. The store shows a woman with it on. Why no bra for me?

Got disconnected again, so I stopped playing.

Can I craft that a bunch of times, and share it with people? You can trade with other players.

Custom Manjaro ISO finally works

If you want to edit the Grub command, editing etc/default/grub won’t work, unless I edited the wrong line, that’s in the live-overlay folder.

I extracted the ISO with Engrampa Archive Manager, then edited kernels.cfg, removed quiet and added iommu=soft. Mounting the ISO and copying with cp -a didn’t work, the EFI partition was broken after making the ISO. So if your motherboard is set to UEFI only, it won’t show the flash drive. Can’t mount it either.

iso_app_id="Manjaro Live/Rescue CD" \
mod_date=$(date -u +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S-00  | sed -e s/-//g) \
    xorriso -as mkisofs \
        --modification-date=${mod_date} \
        --protective-msdos-label \
        -volid "MJRO1800" \
        -appid "${iso_app_id}" \
        -publisher "Nobody" \
        -preparer "Prepared by manjaro-tools/${0##*/}" \
        -r -graft-points -no-pad \
        --sort-weight 0 / \
        --sort-weight 1 /boot \
        --grub2-mbr ./boot/grub/i386-pc/boot_hybrid.img \
        -partition_offset 16 \
        -b boot/grub/i386-pc/eltorito.img \
        -c boot.catalog \
        -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table --grub2-boot-info \
        -eltorito-alt-boot \
        -append_partition 2 0xef ./efi.img \
        -e --interval:appended_partition_2:all:: \
        -no-emul-boot \
        -iso-level 3 \
        -o ../manjaro-deepin-18.0.0-stable-minimal-x86_64.iso \

There’s the command for making the ISO, don’t follow the Arch Linux Wiki’s instructions. I stole that from the Manjaro Git. That’s what manjaro-tools uses to make the ISO.

Uploading the ISO now, so if you want kernel 4.18.20 and iommu=soft, you don’t have to make it yourself.

To do it yourself, make the ISO with buildiso, then modify it by doing the above.


Surprised I'm still alive

Breathing is hard when laying down. I could go to the doctor, but they’ll just tell me to lose weight, I already know that. No need to pay $500 to hear something I know. Except, my insurance would pay it.

Think I forgot to use my nose spray stuff.

Another beep

While I was in the shower. Does a red light mean it needs a new battery? The one in the living room doesn’t blink very much, so I don’t know if the battery he put in is bad. The one in my bedroom has a red light, when it blinks.

There’s a green LED too, it doesn’t flash. You can see it under the test button or whatever.

Well, they changed the battery, then it started beeping. Wasn’t beeping before, maybe once. I’m guessing the battery was bad that he put in it.

Tonka freaks out when it beeps, she knocked the trash down in the bathroom.

Hopefully the living room fire alarm isn’t the one that beeped while I was in the shower.

Got Manjaro to boot from flash drive

Finally looked up ryzen kernel panic Manjaro on Google. Somebody used iommu=soft, and it booted. I did the same and it booted. I use iommu=pt on my installed system. What is it using by default?

No idea what the live system does differently.

How do I make an ISO with iommu=soft in the command? So I don’t have to remember to add that next time I need the live system. I also deleted quiet.

Nice, there’s an etc/default folder with grub. That should do the trick.

If it works, I’ll upload the ISO to I won’t test it till I wake up. Might not wait for it to finish making it either.

==> Done [Build ISO]
 --> Time compress_images: 3.90 minutes
==> Finished building [deepin]
 --> Time make_profile: 11.10 minutes

Faster then the first time, thanks to my slow download speed. No downloading the second time, I didn’t delete everything it downloaded. 45C was the max CPU temperature, it was compressing stuff.

Their Wiki says it takes at least 10 minutes. Without downloading, it was even closer. How long does it take if you have a faster 16 thread CPU?

More VRAM won't get rid of stuttering in Fallout 76

Not surprising. Do any other games stutter as badly as Fallout 76? Never tried any other games. I don’t care about the highest settings. Most of the settings are on low.

Just look at how many bugs are in the game. They haven’t bothered fixing any of them yet.

Apparently it was half ass made.

What happens if everybody becomes immortal? There’s a bug, which they might not of fixed yet. Then everybody can have a bounty, you’ll never get killed. Nukes won’t kill you either. Crafting should be easier, easier to get stuff you need.

The CPU got up to 46C. That might of been when comskip was running.